Wednesday, July 18, 2018


We've been up and at it since 7.30 am, Steve to clean the pool and when he had finished we cleaned all the tiles around the garden while it was still in the shade, it had to be done seeing as our visitors arrive tomorrow afternoon. Our son is landing in Heathrow about now before flying on to Manchester and GS's are en route to Manchester to meet their Dad, they are staying in a hotel tonight near the airport ready for the flight tomorrow.

Anyway this will most likely be my last Desk showing for a while so here it is, not very exciting as I've been tidying after finishing my Stash buster page and a card that needed posting today, it was made but I had to check if Sandy was actually 65 before I attached the numbers, didn't want to insult her if she wasn't !!! Apart from that all my July birthday cards are already posted.

I've been collecting together all the pieces that I had out, parts of cards,cards with stamped images, all were spread over my desk so they will find themselves in the orange box behind, couldn't throw the box away! well I never do if I'm honest, this one was a gift for Mothers Day, Tangerine bath goodies from The Body Shop, they smell lovely too.

Not much here either, I was just cutting some sixes from different card, I saw a shaker card that looked like it might be an idea as GS number 2 is six in November not sure what he is currently in to at the moment as it was super heroes when we left them and Minions before that! Apparently 2 year old GS is into them now!

My first page, I've decided to start from our trip in January and try to do a page for each Month through the year of our travels seeing we seem to be doing such a lot at the moment, especially as we are mostly with family so it will hopefully be a book of memories too. This was our journey from home to Bilbao.

 If any of you have traveled around Spain you may have seen the black Bulls, they are huge, they used to advertise Osbornes Brandy but then they started to disappear, seen as a distraction I think, in the 80's travelling over here on holiday we used to play spot the bull with our boys, they were very competitive trying to spot the most, funnily there's only the two of us now but we still find ourselves shouting ?Black Bull? Ha,Ha, very sad I know but guess who always wins, not me!

That's been my week, still baking hot but we are going out early every morning. Big excitement just before I started my blog, our mini air cooler arrived, we are hoping it might be enough with fans to keep the boys cool in bed, someone is playing with it downstairs, just hope it doesn't have a remote control, we have enough already!

Hope you all have a fun week, Happy WOYWW, I hope to visit as many desks as I can, in between the cleaning of course, LOL


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

T is for Tuesday

Happy 5th Anniversary! My T stands for Tea cup and Saucer!

Well no walking this morning as DH has a problem with his calf muscle, a sign of getting old, he had cramp and is still suffering from the after effects, we have been down to the paseo for breakfast and my intention was to show my cafe y tostada con tomate, I forgot to take a photo as we bumped into a couple we haven't seen for a few years, totally lost track of time and then had to rush off for my hairdressing appointment.

So today my photo is a cup and saucer which was a gift from DIL's Aunt, it was a welcome gift on our visit to Poland to meet the family.

It is from Bydgoszcz and the image on the front of the archer is of a statue in the town centre, I also have a lovely jotter with the same picture, for some reason the photo I have refuses to upload so I thought I would show you a couple more of our trip.

The town square with a huge statue

I love this and it was the first time I had seen this done.
Attaching locks with initials on them, I think the sentiment being together forever, I wanted to do it on our visit for our sons wedding but apparently they had stopped it because of the weight unfortunately.

This statue is over the river, quite impressive.

This is our son and DIL's  summer house near the lake.
We didn't stay there, as there wasn't room for all of us but we had
a lovely BBQ outside with all DIL's family

We are busy getting ready for our family arriving from San Francisco on Thursday, they are here for almost a month, we have the booster seats in place in the car, ice creams of various flours in the freezer, especially mint choc chip! bags of ice and plenty of cold drinks In the fridge, of course they are mostly looking forward to swimming and lots of Shrimp, according to our GS.

Finally I just want to say a big thank you for the lovely welcome on my first visit to Bleubeard and Elizabeths last week and for all the comments, they were very much appreciated, sorry I can't join the ATC swop, I just haven't had time to make one but hopefully next year!

Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Happy Wednesday to one and all, yes I am overjoyed this morning after a refreshing sleep with a cool bedroom, our new air conditioning unit was installed yesterday, oh what joy, it's been just too hot to sleep, we’ve been waking up more weary than before we went to bed!
I woke up wrapped in the sheet with cold feet but what bliss, of course it’s yet another remote control for someone to play with!

Crafting wise I’ve had a productive week, made three cards, played again with my gelli plate, it was for a challenge on SCS, to use oxide inks on the plate, spray the colours with rubbing alcohol, stamp over the top of the inks and then press the card over it, although I did end up with a piece I had to re stamp the car, firstly I only have one oxide ink so used distress inks and no alcohol so had to spray with water, ha,ha no wonder it didn’t work! I was also supposed to put the gelli plate on the stamping platform to stamp on the BG piece, guess what! I forgot and it slipped!!

This is the journal I’m making, I’m starting from January when we left home for our first trip from Spain, UK, Chicago and final stop San Francisco, I’m joining the Stash busters challenge organised by Sharon, Foxy Stamping, I must say it’s working, using old papers, stamps and embellishments long forgotten, I even spent half an hour looking for my crimper, that hasn’t seen the light of day for many years, we have to incorporate certain items for the challenge! Nothing is glued down yet, I still have more photos to print, I've had to transfer photos from my iPad and phone to my computer before I could print the photos. I had to put it on the top of my cutter and card folder as it was the only spare space I had!!

The small folders on the bookcase I found in Target and Staples, one has TH clear stamp folders with my Altenew and sentiment stamps in, the second one has TH crazy birds with dies in and the third has Christmas Stamps, the large Clarity folder has a mishmash of stamps in it. At the back, my magnetic wall hanger where I keep post cards and drawings from GS's.

I've finally made the labels for the DVD cases, I kept having to go through them all looking for the one I wanted and after getting annoyed I quickly typed one for each a glued them in the spines so now I can see at a glance the one I need.

My Magnetic platform and old platform are flattening a card I made with an old BG piece I made ages ago with inks, sprays and whatever, it wouldn't lay flat after I put it on a card base!
 I've been going through the drawer to try and use all the discarded BG pieces to use for card bases, it was my New Years resolution to try and use stash and not spend toooo much this year, I actually only spent a couple of hundred dollars on my last visit to SF and that included DVD cases and my TH stamping platform and it's already July and I haven't spent anything since!!

Our beach at 9.30am this morning, looks pretty quiet but at 2pm  yesterday when we popped down for a quick lunch it was very busy, the lull before the storm, wait until the holiday makers all arrive from Murcia and Madrid next month, they will be cheek by jowl as they say!

Thanks once again for your kind comments last week, it's much appreciated, I'm off Julia's so I can   have a peek at other desks around the world, it's great to see the variety of crafty things everyone else is creating.
Have a great WOYWW

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

T is for Tuesday

Hello everyone, Greetings from a sunny and very hot Spain,

As I was sat in bed drinking my mug of tea and reading Sharon’s post I decided I would join in the fun, for the first time,

My drink is lemonade, it's a strange orangy red, which was quite a surprise when I opened it yesterday expecting clear liquid, I’ve added sparkling water as I found it quite strong, it’s very tasty, of course this morning I decided to read the label, it often helps I find,  LOL, well guess what, apparently it’s strawberry lemonade, well that accounts for the strange colour although it does look very much like the juice we get when we squeeze our Pink Grapefruits, you can see the tree in the BG, the fruits get so big it actually bends the branches to the ground.

After missing our early morning walk we have just been out for a quick lunch to save cooking tonight,  I spent the morning trying to keep cool in the conservatory while the engineer fitted the new air conditioning unit, it was 30.5c in there at 11am with all the windows open,  we are hoping for a lovely cool bedroom tonight, after ten awful nights without it, I think it might be an early night just to enjoy being cool.

Off for a swim, enjoy your day.


Wednesday, July 4, 2018


 Hello fellow deskers, has another week really past? It's been a hot one here too and we have had a busy week, feels like it should be Friday already.

Yesterday we left home at 7am for an hours drive to the hospital, my DH had to have a holter fitted for 24 hrs, we were so busy saying that the poor car probably thought he was on the way to Bilboa again that we missed our turning,  LOL, we had a ten minute detour, good job we always leave ourselves plenty of time, poor thing, no swimming and no shower or bath said the nurse wagging her finger.

This morning back again to have it removed at 8am again, the nurse managed to wax his chest hair whist ripping off the probes, ouch, we drove back, went for our walk, had breakfast, shopped and just arrived home when the phone rang, it was the translator who is the hospitals contact for us, apparently DH should have had an ecocardiogram at 9.30 am, we didn't know, so back we went to Cartagena, said very, very sorry, she laughed and took him through, twenty minutes later we are on our way home again! just a doctors appointment tomorrow to book the blood tests before cardiologist appointment next Friday, I think someone is now snoozing in his chair!

Even though the weather is very hot I’ve been on a bit of a roll crafting wise, I’ve managed to finish my Scrap LO and had a play with my Gelli plate, I think maybe I could use a couple for BGs for cards but I did enjoy getting messy, it’s  been a while since I even took it out of the drawer!

I also had an afternoon yesterday playing with my Altenew stamps, I love them, mine are the layered ones, painting is not my thing so my stamped flowers look quite good, I’m also trying to do ‘less in more’,  very hard for me, I’ve ruined quite a few cards just adding one more thing,  ideas from Pinterest of course, I’m trying to get ahead with my birthday cards as our GSs arrive from San Francisco in two weeks, for a month so there’ll be no time for crafting, only swimming and swimming and even more swimming! 

Not very clear photos but the left
one has glitter on the flower and 
is quite sparkly and bright.

The right hand one I still need to
add some sparkle, I think!!

 I mentioned last week the DVD cases on the shelf that I'm using to store my dies in, well the photo today is of my drawer showing my nesting dies stored on magnetic sheets, it's just below my Big Shot so easy to pick one, cut it and put back in its place! Well that's the idea!

Thanks to everyone who came across to Spain last week for a quick peek and the lovely comments, hope you are all having a crafty week!

Jan S

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Happy Wednesday, I remembered it was desk hopping day, probably as we were awake early as the air con decided to stop working the night before and the engineer was too busy yesterday to come, we resorted to open windows with a fan going, fingers crossed he can fix it today.
Thank you so much to everyone who came over last week for a visit, such a lovely welcome back, I did visit quite a few desks but quite a few wouldn’t let me post, not sure if I’m doing something wrong!

I have been doing quite a bit of crafting, catching up on making birthday cards for next month and I have actually finished our sons card, I did get this idea from Pinterest, I thought it would make him smile, when he was single he would buy designer jackets that, well, lets say not many would wear, the girls in the office said they looked forward to the Christmas party just to see his outfit, a cool dude as he would say! now he's married and a Dad those days of designer clothes are long gone!

To have a break from card making I’m joining the challenge on SCS to make a scrapbook LO using stash, well I have so much to chose from and so many photos,  I have my papers ready and have picked out the photos I want to use, apart from that it’s still guess work,as usual, I usually have a few false starts but I get there in the end. I do envy anyone who can do a page with just one or two photos, I just always feel the need to use as many as possible!

 I’ve also been filling the DVD cases you can see on the shelf with Dies, some have matching stamps too but my next job will be to put labels on the spines, my nesting dies I have on magnetic sheets in the drawer below,
 I also treated myself to the storage cases for bits and pieces, just showing to the right of the DVD cases, most were stored in any plastic container I could find so that’s much better, although I still have quite a few to sort out still, I seem to have suddenly found quite a few pairs of scissors too, you can perhaps see my collection of glitters on the shelf, the tiny pink box had a tiny heart shaped silver earring holder from number one GS so I couldn't throw it away.

Thanks for stopping by and all your comments, they are greatly appreciated, take care and have a great weekend


Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Greetings everyone, can't believe how long its been since I posted here, I have been keeping a check on all the goings on I can assure you but we've been bobbling backwards and forwards between Spain, the UK and San Francisco since last September, in fact we've only spent five weeks here in Spain in all that time, mainly helping out with our Grandsons, DIL in SF has been travelling with work and DIL in England has been taking exams!
We've had a great time with the family but it's lovely to be home after all that travelling, back to reality so after cleaning the garden that had so many weeds growing we are now back to our morning walks along the paseo and breakfast, nothing as tasty as Tostada con tomate and a cafe con leche whilst admiring the view.

I have spent a fair bit on craft at joanns and Michaels, a few Altenew stamps and matching dies, more embossing powders! mainly fine ones for embossing sentiments stamps, well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. 
to be honest I haven't been able to spend much time up here and have spent more time searching for things than crafting, also due to having a massive clean up last summer!

My work desk, a paper I've had for years, I thought I could use for our eldest sons birthday card but decided against that idea so I've now coloured and cut out a crazy bird, still scrabbling for ideas as you can see.
 You can see I've treated myself to a TH stamping platform and the set of stamps were free from a Magazine I bought somewhere along the way. There's also two stencils, TH Wildflowers and Poinsettia, both new and waiting to be put away.

Well not much to look I'm sorry to say but it's great to be back, I'll be along later for a quick visit to some desks, just need to finish a lemon meringue pie I'm making to use up all the fallen lemons.