Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WOYW 160

Hi everyone, just want to thank you all for the warm welcome last week, not sure if my comments appeared anywhere, hope to do better this week if not!!

 Ive just unearthed  my sons 40th birthday card , I started it weeks ago, I must have had a fit of inspiration that day, story of my crafting really, start a project and then spot an amazing card or idea on a blog that someone has made so I just have to have a go, that accounts for all the bits hanging around the place.
Anyway not too sure I like the thought of being the mother of a forty year old, funny I can remember my mum saying the same thing to me when I moaned about being forty,  his birthday is July 27th, starting day of the Olympics so he has the joy of seeing the big clock ticking away the hours and minutes to his big day, really cheers him up! especially when he has to pass it every day, poor boy.
This is last weeks card, finished, one for my box of stash.
Hope you all have a good, and sunny week, weather here in Spain, scorchio!!


  1. Your desk is wonderfully neat! And the card is beautiful. Glad you found the misplaced one. :)
    ~ Sandy #118

  2. Oh what a pretty delicate birthday card! happy birthday to your 40 year old ! Patsy from

  3. What a beautiful card!

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #54

  4. I'm sure you son will love his card, the weather in the uk today has been warm & humid, . happy crafting Jill #73

  5. Hi Jan
    Great to see what you have going on & looking forward to seeing the work desk in person next week - sounds meltingly hot out there - not sure how we'll cope coming from rainy Wales ! Ali xx

  6. Love the card you have finished, it is really pretty. I have a 42 year old but my mind is no older than when I was 40 - not sure what that says about me, ha ha. I think it is good that you are inspired by others, shows you are interested in learning and that's what crafting is all about, as well as having lots of fun of course. Thanks for your visit earlier. Anne x #57

  7. Hi Jan
    At least you get some birthday cads done...I never seem to manage it myself!! I'm always doing albums and forget the cards so the birthdays are upon me with no time to create!!! Well that's my excuse anyhow. Hope you are enjoying your blogging X Julie

  8. happy WOYWW! isn't it amazing how time swooshes by? they're just numbers anyway!
    thanks for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  9. Very pretty card - enjoy the sun - it's so miserable here in England (well the north anyway).
    Hugs, Neet