Thursday, August 30, 2012

WOYW169 OOPs too

I can honestly say I just didnt get the time yesterday, I know that´s hard to believe from someone who does´nt have to work any more(sorry for using that word), but its true, I couldnt get near my computer due to a certain person hogging it, football posters etc, anyway by the time I regained control of the keyboard it was far too hot to concentrate so I gave up.
Not too much going on, seemed to have lost my mojo like a few others, still messing with my tattered pinecone but after watching Sir Tim on youtube I had a go at something trying to resemble a rose! how come he makes it look so easy, obviously he hasnt got as many thumbs getting in the way!!
 The silver keys are my attempt to make Santa keys for Joey and his two friends but then I remembered Joeys brother will have arrived by then so four to make, I do think I need thicker card though, any suggestions?
Happy belated Wednesday, have a good weekend.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Happy Wednesday everyone, not sure where the week has gone again, still hot and humid so not much going on here, I would just like to say thanks for all your lovely comments last week.on my mosaic.

Just some bits and pieces for the baby card Ive started on my desk, I had filed it away until the weather cools down but we had a seven month photo of our quickly expanding daughter in law yesterday so thought Id better get cracking on it.  You can hopefully just see the cute little onesies, a washing line, bootee and bib I´ve just cut out, amazing how much card you can get through doing these projects, I´ll have to make everyone blue cards for the rest of the year to use the off cuts!
Apart from that Ive been pretty lazy, the heat really saps your energy so if anyone has any cool weather to spare I´d be very grateful if you could send it over. Off to cool down so see you nexy week.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hi Everyone,  well we are all alone again after our sons departure last friday, we had a great time with them but I have to admit to not having done a thing since, craft wise, as its just been too hot, we even had a mini tornado on Saturday evening with winds so hot it felt like standing in front of the open oven..
  I could show you my iroing board with a stack of ironing still to be done, just waiting for a cloud in the sky to cool things down , well that´s my excuse and I´m sticking to it, litterally,

 I thought instead you might like to see a photo of a mosaic in our garden, the idea came from  ground Force years ago, you remember with Alan Titchmarsh?  when I started it everyone thought I was mad, and after a few months I realised that I was, totally mad, my youngest son even gave me lots of encouragement by asking if I knew what I was doing!! but ten months later it was complete, all 12 x 2 metres of it, to celebrate the occassion we invited some friends round for a paella and cava , I even made a small remind us, never to even think of doing another.
See you all next week hopefully, when I might have a working desk to show, until then have a great weekend.