Thursday, August 30, 2012

WOYW169 OOPs too

I can honestly say I just didnt get the time yesterday, I know that´s hard to believe from someone who does´nt have to work any more(sorry for using that word), but its true, I couldnt get near my computer due to a certain person hogging it, football posters etc, anyway by the time I regained control of the keyboard it was far too hot to concentrate so I gave up.
Not too much going on, seemed to have lost my mojo like a few others, still messing with my tattered pinecone but after watching Sir Tim on youtube I had a go at something trying to resemble a rose! how come he makes it look so easy, obviously he hasnt got as many thumbs getting in the way!!
 The silver keys are my attempt to make Santa keys for Joey and his two friends but then I remembered Joeys brother will have arrived by then so four to make, I do think I need thicker card though, any suggestions?
Happy belated Wednesday, have a good weekend.


  1. Busy desk & creative fun happening. Good idea making the santa keys. I would make them out of thinker card then stick a few together which would make it even thicker. hope this of use to you. happy crafting jill #51

  2. Oooh lovely desk of Christmasness. Never heard of "Santa Keys" could you please explain that tradition. Anyway your wreath is coming along nicely. As for the roses, I think they just need to be looser when you do the spiral and keep the botton side ontop of the prevoius bottom bit and not down the stick as in the pinecones. Perhaps thicker card too. It is rather fiddly but I'm sure you'll master it, my August tag has my efforts on.

  3. Looks like you are having a great time getting ready for Christmas! What are Santa keys? Thanks for sharing! I was late this week too. Oh well!

    Katie (155)

  4. Hot? make the most, believe me!! distinctly chilly here today, early morning saw a frost in some places..argh!!
    Love the keys idea very much...can you cut more and glue them together to make them thicker? Please show and tell when you're done!

  5. Jan looks like you are having fun on your desk, Tim Holtz makes all crafting look easy! Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting my place, happy crafting,

  6. I laughed reading about all of your thumbs. I'm the same way. I'll watch a video and think to myself, "Self, I can do that." Then once I'm left to my own devices, things go awry. lol


    Terry #60

  7. I know all about having more thumbs than most people! LOL
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #49