Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hi Everyone,  well we are all alone again after our sons departure last friday, we had a great time with them but I have to admit to not having done a thing since, craft wise, as its just been too hot, we even had a mini tornado on Saturday evening with winds so hot it felt like standing in front of the open oven..
  I could show you my iroing board with a stack of ironing still to be done, just waiting for a cloud in the sky to cool things down , well that´s my excuse and I´m sticking to it, litterally,

 I thought instead you might like to see a photo of a mosaic in our garden, the idea came from  ground Force years ago, you remember with Alan Titchmarsh?  when I started it everyone thought I was mad, and after a few months I realised that I was, totally mad, my youngest son even gave me lots of encouragement by asking if I knew what I was doing!! but ten months later it was complete, all 12 x 2 metres of it, to celebrate the occassion we invited some friends round for a paella and cava , I even made a small remind us, never to even think of doing another.
See you all next week hopefully, when I might have a working desk to show, until then have a great weekend.


  1. Well Jan I think your wall is far more interesting than some old desk. (But don't let Julia see me saying this). What a fabulous work of art - thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #21 xx

  2. Hi Jan x And what a fantastic (intricate) piece of art it is (and I've seen it in the flesh) glad to see you in blogland and having the chance to have a nose at your desk :)
    Take care and see you soon
    Sally xx

  3. Wow! That is a huge project! It looks awesome!

    Katie (110)

  4. You mosaic = FABULOUS!!

    And so much more meaningful that you made it yourself!

    :)trisha, #122--another quilty inchie charm

  5. Amazing. Period.

    Good for you!! Have a great week! Darnell #53

  6. wow that was a real labour of love and it looks fab
    thanks for sharing and hope you get back to crafting soon
    janet #9

  7. OMG wow that is amazing I love it and can only imagine how time consuming it would of been. What a wonderful task and here i am putting off doing a tile mosaic on my outdoor table. This is stunning. Thanks for sharing

    Happy crafting.

  8. Hello!

    Your mosaic wall is so beautiful! I had to google Alan Titchmarsh to see who he was. So much work but wow what a project! Wishing you a happy weekend!


    Barbara Diane #76

  9. fabulous, clever you! It looks amazing, you must be very pleased with it! Good old Alan Titchmarsh! I won a prize once from Gardeners World Mag. I do miss ground force, he had that other gardening program on these last few weeks but I keep forgetting his on.
    Happy Late woyww
    ((Lyn)) #13

  10. That is an amazing piece of art! 10 months is a long time to keep going at something, I think I might have given up.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #116

  11. WOWSER! That is some work of art! Very well done to you, it looks fabulous. I hope you've documented it and scrapbooked it and everything elsed it....LOL

    Thanks for stopping by, sorry I'm so late getting here!