Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Happy Wednesday everyone, not sure where the week has gone again, still hot and humid so not much going on here, I would just like to say thanks for all your lovely comments last week.on my mosaic.

Just some bits and pieces for the baby card Ive started on my desk, I had filed it away until the weather cools down but we had a seven month photo of our quickly expanding daughter in law yesterday so thought Id better get cracking on it.  You can hopefully just see the cute little onesies, a washing line, bootee and bib I´ve just cut out, amazing how much card you can get through doing these projects, I´ll have to make everyone blue cards for the rest of the year to use the off cuts!
Apart from that Ive been pretty lazy, the heat really saps your energy so if anyone has any cool weather to spare I´d be very grateful if you could send it over. Off to cool down so see you nexy week.


  1. No cool weather to send you, but if you come to my craft room you can stand in front of the (little used this year) air con unit!! Bliss!
    I had to pop by and see your mosaic. Wow! I have a wall about 50ft x 8ft high which could use some "art" on if you want to expand your talent!!
    Thanks for visiting. I too have a Volvo (960)but we would not have got the table in that boot!! The small Skoda hatchback did us proud!
    Hettie 74
    P.S I think someone has been jiggling with the numbers as you are now 114! I was right behind LLJ when I linked too!

  2. Hi Jan - thanks for coming by - we have been out for the day taking Joyce to some places she remembers from when they came down here as a family 50 years ago ! It's her big day today & later we have pressies (including the infamous scrapbook !) and the meal at Rick Steins - so will let you know how that goes ! Rain held off today thankfully & we hope to squeeze in the Eden Project before more bad weather comes in on Friday (you can tell its a bank holiday weekend !) Sorry we can't send some of our cool sea breezes your way ! Take care & see you soon Ali (PS very miffed because they have cancelled the stamping show in Wales we had planned to visit on the 1st ! Typical !)

  3. Oh, yes, Jan, the heat is miserable this year, ugh!! The card will surely be adorable, with all those cute cut-outs!

    Thank you for stopping by this week,
    :)trisha #23

  4. Lots of cuteness - lol! at having to make lots of blue cards to use up the snippets! Thanks for your visit and comment. I've found that I have to take the cover completely off the iPad otherwise I do what you said and get my fingers in the way - I think I've at last found out how to hold and take the photo without doing that. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #8 x

  5. Ooh look at all those circles..are they stencils/templates? Very useful. I don't think using up the blue will be too problematic - it's a gorgeous shade!

  6. Lovely little things you cut for the card. Hope it cools down soon, because then it might warm up over here. LOL
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #52

  7. Can you send some heat over here please? Just spotted that wall again on the post below and it makes me feel like summer is here.
    Love the makes on your desk - hope we see the completed card.
    Hugs, Neet xx and thanks for sharing with #58

  8. Now that is a busy desk! Love that Cricuit! Sorry I am so late getting around but it is what it is with family, crafts, etc. time can sometimes become a premium! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #68

  9. a day late getting around... looks pretty busy here