Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hi Everyone, Happy WOYWW, cant believe how many weeks have gone since I last joined you all, I seem to have been really busy, not sure why, cant even use work as an excuse!!

The bits and pieces on my desk are the parts for a card I´m making for our new Grandson, he´s not arriving until November 2nd and I have to confess to starting it weeks ago, I had all the parts packed away while I worked on other things but I had a little panic when Jennie said she´d had contractions at work last friday, false alarm as it happened but thought I had better get a move on with it just in case! It will eventually be an album with his name, Charlie, makes quite a long card as you can imagine.
I´ve also got christmassy bits strewn over other parts of my room, I know some of you will think its far too early but I hate to rush at the last minute. I actually had to move away from in front of the open door yesterday, I was burning my legs in the sun, you know that bright thing in the sky, well it is still 29c here, you see how some of us suffer while crafting!!!

Ive just finished making this card for our Grandson´s 4th birthday, he´s mad on the planets so I thought I´d make that the theme, makes a change from Thomas, I struggled for ideas so eventually I had to buy a digi kit, it was plain sailing after that, I did try to make it 3D on the front, not as well as I hoped as it had to be able to fold flat for the post, anyway its finally on its way thankfully, cost 9 Euros to send to San Francisco mind you, unfortunately Grandad was with me at the time and said, ¨how much¨,?
Hope you´ve all had a good day, hope to see you next week and thanks for popping over.