Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hi Everyone, amazingly I have actually remembered it´s Wednesday in time to join in with you all,  Sad I know but the days, or should I say weeks just fly by when you are haiving fun. Not too much mess on my work desk as I have had a tidy up since finishing my christmas cards although as usual I keep remembering someone else I´ve forgotten, even though I have a list! DH says I make so many lists I need a list to keep track of them all,
You may see a card on my desk, I was blog hopping looking for inspiration and came across a card on Mary Mays the charmed life blog, anyway I used her idea and made a card for Blake, our grandsons friend who is four next month. The other bits and pieces are some I made earlier, and discarded, although they may eventually be used but for now they will squirrelled away in my box of half finished cards.
As you can see from the photo above I have finally finished my Magic Santa Keys, you may remember a while back I had cut out some silver keys  but found they were way too bendy, well I gave up on that idea and a friend found me two old fashioned keys, so here it is, I made the fob and encapsulated it, just in case its raining on christmas Eve,
 Ive tried ribbons of various widths but found some too thick to push through the hole, didnt think of that beforehand but never mind, so for the moment I´m sticking with this one, the box was a designer tie box that DS1 gave me some years ago and of course I kept it, for once something Ive kept has come in useful!! I just need to find another one for Blake and Katie´s Key now.
Well that´s all Ive been up to this week,  hope those of you  in the UK are safe from the floods.
 Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love those little airplanes. What fun cards! Adore your key box too - am going to have to go through your blog as I want to know what it says on the cards. What a lovely idea.
    Saggy bottoms - I've had those too and now, as you know, it's the shelves. I think that is an indication of how life goes once you get past ??

    Hugs and thanks for visiting me, Neet xx 29

  2. Fabulous card in progress! Love that key box - looks like a fun project! Happy WOYWW! Tammy #96

  3. Love your neat space, Jan, and it's such fun to see the Magic Key finished and even with a box just right! Good luck finding boxes for the others. I still can't get over how adorable this is!

    Thanks for visiting me already! Have a great week! Happy WOYWWing! Darnell #54

  4. Well done on finishing all your cards. I've barely started!!
    We have a key for Santa as we don't have a fireplace so he has to let himself in the front door. I got ours from a lovely local shop and it's metal and really ornate. A real heirloom.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #58

  5. Oh I love that key box. I'd like to make some, too! Such a neat desk. Happy Wednesday. :)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@41)

  6. Hi Jan - great to see your key box - have been trying to picture it in my mind but its much better to see it ! Hope you find something for the other two now - and can squeeze them in the suitcase !
    Rich is out at footie tonight - that's as well as both days last weekend - I've hardly seen him ! Freezing here so he'l be cold to the bone ! I got more pressies wrapped & cards written - so a productive evening !! Glad you are keeping well & great to see your desk ! Love Ali xx

  7. love the key box its stunning what a treasure to keep... they will love them you did make me LOL re lists of list im as bad but would be lost without them , and sometimes with them have a wonderful week hope to visit again soon Andrea x#63

  8. Love your magic key - what a great idea! Your desk looks really organised - must take a leaf out of your book I think! Chris70