Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Happy Wednesday everyone, afraid there´s not much happening on my work desk this week as I´ve finished my christmas cards and posted the ones off to England, not cheap I can tell you as everyone of them had to be weighed, a lengthy operation but no use getting stressed as he only has one speed, slow, as we say over here, dont visit the bank and post office in one day!! Eighteen Euros later I asked myself , as I do every year, why didn´t I make them regulation size to save on postage, trouble is I do love making square cards, anyway that was one job ticked my list of things to do. I just hope they arrive quicker than my new Grandsons birth card, it took four weeks to arrive in San Francisco, Jennie says its in pride of place and Joey was thrilled to receive a card of his own for being a  big brother.

 This week on my desk are the tags I´ve been making, I keep seeing some amazing ones, and although I love making tags mine never quite look as good as the ones I keeping see on the blogs I´ve been following, anyway I thought I would have  a little go this week, I started out doing just one for Jennie, our daughter-in-law,  but then got a little carried away!
 At the back of my desk you can see my die cuts etc in a plastic tub, to be used at a later date, hopefully, and my shoe box stuffed full of white off cuts, I´ve been using them to cut poinsettias out for my tags, I even made a pinky spray with mica powders and distress inks to colour them! oh and I´m still fiddling with the tattered pinecone, I love the leaves that are part of the die though, maybe next year I´ll have mastered how to make them so they actually look like a pinecone although I did make a lovely silver christmas rose out of one so not a total disaster.

 Thanks for visiting my blog, and have a lovely week.


  1. Why not put your square cards in regular sized envelopes? Simply insert a piece of card (with adhesive on both sides) into the envelope so the card can't slide around. Square card, cheaper postage. I've tried it and it does work. You can even punch the envelope and use coloured card for extra flair.

    Hope that helps next year.
    cheers, rachel #50

  2. what stunning tags ...I cant believe your critical of them !..I made mine for the first time but not like these,but I will learn !!.... they are fab I love your tag design also... is it a die ? mines where all magazine freebies to use up and s I couldn't find nice tag template or big plain tags ..(my cutting skills are poor I cant cut in a straight line yet or measure properly LOL) . They will look lovely on gifts I hope to visit again soon have a fab woyww x...#25

  3. I think your tags are beautiful, I love the poinsettia in pink especially. I strugged with the pinecones too. I roll mine quite tightly, give them a good squeeze and then gently pull the centre out, seems to work OK and they look a bit more realistic than having them tight like roses. I have mentioned postage in my post today too - not a happy topic! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #49

  4. Square cards are pretty. Perhaps the postal service should just change their equipment and fees and make our life easier! Problem solved!!

    I like the tags you are making. Are they Tim Holtz? I like the shape and the flowers are really pretty.

    Belinda (73)

  5. Hi Jan
    Thanks for stopping by ! Great to see your tags - the home made spray sounds fun ! Glad it isn't just me struggling with the pine-cones - but I haven't had time to really master the technique ! My postage has been over £50 !! Needed a stiff G&T after that !! Think of the stash I could have go for that - but that's not a festive though is it !!! We've been making mini books in Scrapclub tonight - so may have one to show next week ! Take care Ali xxx

  6. The tags are lovely...and as lovely as any I've seen on my travels, don't be too harsh a self critic! I'm the same about the post...but I figure that the cost ofpsoting is genuinely outweighed by my pleasure in making them, so it has to be paid!!

  7. Those tags are FAB!!

    Have a creative week!!

    #11 Apryl

  8. What gorgeous tags. Love how you are doing them and yes, I love poinsettias, real or fake or paper ones.
    Have a great week and no more square cards for abroad. LOL
    Hugs Neet 46 xx

  9. Fab tags! Your poinsettias look great. Happy WOYWW! Nan 85