Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I really cant believe I haven't joined you all since December!
We did fly to England in the middle of December to have a family get together before Xmas, Christmas in London, away for New Year and then nearly three weeks of sniffing and coughing.
As I´ve finally made it this week I thought I would post a photo of my stash from a couple of weeks ago instead of my messy room.

I´ve been quite taken with my Gelli plate, not with great success I have to say but I´m determined to keep trying.
I ordered a few more Acrylic paints and stencils along with my favourite thing of the moment, embossing paste, I love it.
The tyre tread stencil I used on our sons 40th card, after paying 10 euros postage, well it was to San Francisco and quite big, even the postman didn't believe it was only a card and made me sign a customs form!
Of course I´ve vowed once again to think small to save postage charges but as I said to Steve, it is a big birthday, the baby of the family being 40.
The little pots are Treasure Gold gilding wax, I saw an amazing card in a mag using it, of course mine didn't look anything like it and I ended up with more on my fingers than the card, I  did colour some embossed silver letters with the Indigo and it looked quite effective.
Well that´s all I´ve been up to so I´ll pop along to see what everyone else has been doing, have a lovely Wednesday and thanks for your visit.
Jan x


  1. enjoy your new goodies. I do try to make cards that are mail-able! not always easy.
    Thanks for visiting and the snoop around.
    robyn 7

  2. Hello Jan. What lovely stencils - I'm positively jealous wondering where you found them...
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #39

  3. Cool new stencils. I've seen things done with that Treasure Gold stuff and was sorely tempted to pick some up. Happy WOYWW and thanks for your visit. :-) ~ Laura #83

  4. Okay, I am going to get nerve to order a Geli plate one of these days. :) Glad you are back. Your stash looks fun. Thanks for visiting my space earlier. #26

  5. Ohh your desk looks intriguing! Not tried those items but look like fun, can't wait to see what you make from them! Have fun. Happy WOYWW! Karen 77x

  6. Oh, I love my gelli plate. Keep at it, the possibilities are endless and the results, amazing! Have fun and merry creating!

  7. Sorry you got the cold after your visit, planes are notorious for passing things on.
    Oh dear, I think you did right to pay extra for a special male for a special birthday.
    Get well.
    Hugs & Thanks for visiting me earlier, sorry I am so late - Neet 50 (who is not a gelli plate fan)

  8. Hi Jan Great to have you back !
    So glad you are enjoying your gelli plate - and have a lovely messy time with embossing paste & treasure gold ! What a pain that the card cost so much to post - sure it was very much appreciated however !! Just about getting through the jetlag - but looking forward to resting up over the weekend ! Take care Ali xxx

  9. The postman comment made me giggle. I try to keep postage in mind when mailing cards - especially outside of the US. But I hate to slight my extended friends just because of where they choose to live LOL. Creative Blessings ~ Kelly #92