Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Morning everyone,  another Wednesday rolls around and for once I`ve managed to join in WOYWW.

I think I can safely say that summer has arrived in Spain, someone has turned  the thermometer to hot and humid, not our favourite time of year but after our trip to Hastings with the hit and miss weather and  cold winds we were mighty pleased to board the ferry for home although sad to say Adios to our family if only for a few months.

This is my attempt at a pop up card featuring Elmo, he will be sitting on the steps with Big Bird, hopefully, after our ten day holiday in England with our Grandsons and seeing that Charlie (18 mths) was obsessed with anything Elmo I thought  maybe for his 2nd birthday his card should have Elmo on it.
 Unfortunately while we were looking after them the only episode downloaded on their Ipad with Elmo was the one where he is being toilet trained, after two days we took to hiding the ipad,  out of sight out of mind if you know what I mean. only to be found at certain times,  there`s only so many times you can watch the same one I can assure you,  Charlie might only be 18 months but he knows how to switch it off and swish his little finger over the page to change it, then looking up with a cute little smile and saying ELMO, I certainly didn`t envy our DIL having a 11 hour flight back to San Francisco in the company of Charlie and Elmo!

I haven`t spent any money on craft since our trip but I did buy this stool last week, not that I actually sit down much when I`m  messing up here but I saw it and liked it and would you believe it was on sale, discontinued apparently and to Steve`s amazement the cheapest one there and  it spins around so easy to dismount, what more could a girl as for? Well more money to spend on craft but that would be just plain greedy.
I`ve spent the last two weeks working on this for Joey and Charlie for Halloween, I can`t take the credit for the idea as I saw it on the Tando Crafts site, their samples are brilliant  but I could`t find enough items to get free postage, to Spain that is, well I could but I`m trying to save my money for a big splurge for my trip, its not often I get the chance to actually visit a craft store and I do love pushing those titchy little carts around Michaels.
 Anyway I decided I could do this, after quite a few attempts I managed to make the fireplace, made the little tiles and the fire guard, I`m quite pleased with it but its a good job its travelling in my suitcase and not by post,  I`ve decided to make a Christmas version but I will try to keep it flat packed and assemble it over there, well that`s the general idea!
Well that`s all in my crafty space this week, just trying to keep cool so off for a dip in the pool, see you over at your desks to see what you`ve all been up to.
Thanks for popping over. Have a great day

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