Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Good Afternoon fellow desk hoppers, I just realised the time,  I was so busy spending my craft money, how time flies when you are enjoying yourself. I only get to order every other month so I can spend enough for free postage, it takes me ages to decided what to buy,  as I've been enjoying trying some of the mixed media challenges over on SCS  I treated myself to a book, of course quite a few of the ideas use things I don't have so hopefully when my package arrives I will be able to try some of the techniques.

I haven' t been doing much really as its so hot now but as you can see I've made a start my next fireplace project but a Christmas one this time, notice it is still flat pack, its a bit hard to measure things without putting it together but I have a few parts made.
The box at the back was a gift box with body lotions in, I covered the top with the embossing folder with gears on, its for Joey and Charlie to put the bits and pieces they find on the beach or on our trips out, I thought we could then start a scrapbook/memory box together when I go over, it will be a first for me, I did try but found I wanted to squeeze too many photos on one page, probably as I have so many to choose from.

The other bits are two Halloween cards I cut out on my cricut, they are bats with googly eyes.

I hope you are all having a sunny Wednesday, hopefully not as hot as here in Spain, unless you enjoy being baked, it had reached 31c at just gone 11am but we were already heading home after our daily walk along the paseo and breakfast, nothing beats sitting outside, on the sea front eating toasted bread  with fresh tomatoes with a sprinkling of pepper, freshly squeezed orange juice, AND only 4 Euros! Maybe next week I should take a photo as it would be more interesting than my desk. 

Off for a nose round all the other desks, thanks for visiting mine, take care

Jan x

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