Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Another Wednesday, another Doctors appointment, only more medication this time thank goodness but another late start for our walk which meant the temperature had already reached 29c at 9.30am but undeterred we walked trying to keep under the shade of the palm trees as much as possible, quite hard to do now its August and so busy, a much needed coffee at La Gloria, yesterday our coffees were on our table as we arrived again, sometimes we are even given little treats, melt in the mouth small pieces of cake to try with our coffee, sometimes I even have to eat Steve's too, only if he insists it will spoil his breakfast!

Still not much going on up here, I've only been spending about an hour a day, its been far too hot to do anything with the humidity but I have started a Christmas gift wallet, I saw one in my Making Cards Mag and as we always give the family money with postage charges being so expensive I thought I'd give this one a go.
As you can see so far I've printed the Christmas paper, cut out and folded the wallet and that's it up to now, just trying out flowers versus snowflakes for the front at the moment. The board at the back was meant for me to write reminders on but I decided that postcards from the family are far more cheerful so I still have pieces of paper floating around my desk.

The tiny suitcase is a sample one I made, I saw a blog by Bonnie, Live, love and Peace where she made so many of these cute suitcases for all occasions, they were gorgeous, mine, well, still work in progress , the pile of bits are leftovers from my first attempt, as usual I went rushing ahead without reading all the instructions first. oh the iron, well eventually even in this heat I had to knuckle down to it but its the job I hate the most!
Hopefully you will all have much more interesting desks to visit this Wednesday so I will say goodbye and see you over there. Have a great Weekend
Jan x


  1. Oh, Jan, I love the vision of you and hubby taking walks, and having your coffee ready when you arrive with treats. How fun. I am sorry it is so hot, you can't craft much, but your little suitcase is lovely and practical. Do you put cards sets in it, maybe? I know what you mean; I always rush ahead without reading all the directions. Thanks for the earlier visit. So fun this peeking at each others desks. Oh, and I agree, post cards from family are perfet backdrop to your crafting.

  2. Ahh...those temperatures sound heaven to me Jan,
    We're still having the remnants of 'Bertha' pouring down on us. I can't believe that it's still August when I look out of the window.
    Anyway...on to Christmas it seems :?
    Printing paper and cards will be on next weeks agenda here too.
    That wee suitcase is adorable... how clever although I'd need a heavy duty one 10 times bigger with what I usually travel with. Never been underweight in 24 years of traveling... much to my hubby's dismay.
    Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW
    Neesie #62

  3. Love that little suitcase, it's so cute!! And I'm with you on not reading instructions, I never do it :-). And things seem to turn out ok!
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xx

  4. Hi Jan - hope you are surviving the heat - it's really cooled off here this week as Hurricane Bertha breezed over the country ! LOVE the suitcase = will go check it out ! Those money wallets will be great ! Give my love to Steve - take care Ali xxx

  5. Pffft I can't do much in hot /humid temperatures either, I prefer to wait untill it goes away. Your desk looks very tidy! Suitcase looks great :).
    Hehe I just came from Lunch Lady Jans blog, and she had just redone her ironing board cover. And I expressed my utter dislike of ironing - I only get it out once every two months or so? And clothes that really do need ironing are ironed right before I have to wear it. They are not worn often ;).
    Debbie/Daqa #52

  6. I'd give anything for some heat right now, it's freezing here. I keep telling myself only a few more weeks until Spring and I can't wait. I love your little suitcase and I never read instructions either. Personally I think you get better things if you rush in and it wouldn't be right if something wasn't left over at the end. I'm with you on the ironing, I hate it.
    Have a great week,
    Von #30

  7. Love your suitcase, you just never know when you might need one...te,he...!
    The weather here in Fl is Hot and Stickey.... and wet too... thank God for A/C.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind words.

  8. Your suticase is amazing. I hae a similar one someone made and gave to me, I must remember to post it one of these days.
    I think your PC's on the back wall are better than using the board for notes too.
    Hugs and Thanks for visiting me whilst I was in deepest Wales with no signal hence the lateness of blogging now.
    Neet 11 xx

  9. Love your suitcase! I have a weakness for K&Co. At least one third of my 4 foot stack is K&Co lol. The wallet looks promising. Thank you for visiting my blog earlier in the week. The secret to using iron filings is a reallllllllllly good seal lol. #4