Wednesday, February 4, 2015


So Where did the last week go to? My Dad always said it was a sign of getting old when you think time flies, how true that is! Anyway another Wednesday and a chance to snoop around every ones desks, thanks to Julia over at the Stamping Ground. 
 Hopefully you`ve been a little more creative than I have, although I did manage to finish my first travel journal page, never thought I would but here it is.

I had a huge amount of encouragement from Sharon, Foxy Stamping, thanks Sharon, and I have started on my second too, as you can see below, well I`ve printed some paper for the BG although I found some I liked much better when I was searching for the dark Red paper.

I'm attempting a card shaped as a handbag but inside it holds two photos so it can be used as a photo frame, this is a test one to see if I can make it work, if it does I will make it for our DIL and put photos of her boys in it, as we both call them, (our son and grandsons) I have been trying to find colours to match their bedroom as any cards with photos are kept in the bedrooms after the birthdays are over.

This is a photo from last week, we usually only have coffee here and have a few birds sit on the back of the chairs chirping at us for food, this week we had breakfast and one decided he could share it with us, they are so tame, he obviously enjoys croissant for breakfast.

Sunny and windy here today, we' ve been spoilt as it was 19c last weekend so now it feels chilly, I know, most of you would really love 14c!

Must dash now as I`ve promised to make Scones, they normally turn out like griddle cakes but I'm determined to get them right, one day, Steve still eats them and tells me they are lovely, what a kind husband he is.

Have a great weekend and keep safe if you are have all that horrible white stuff around. Thanks once again for all your kind comments last week.

Jan x


  1. Hi Neighbor!
    Here's to lovely husbands and handbags!
    I love a map background .
    robyn 54

  2. Oh Jan, your travel journal page looks great! What a fantastic trip! Looking forward to see the next page...Denver?
    Have a good week, hope the weather isn't too bad,

  3. Oh, Jan, I am so glad if I could give you some motivational encouragement to do your travel journal! :) That is all we all need! Your paper is beautiful; can't wait to see what you are doing with it. And the frames are going to be pretty too. Now, I didn't even see that bird the first time I looked at the photo. Then I read what you said and had to go back and look! LOL Scones?! I love scones. I wish I had some with my cup of hot tea, right now. Well, off to Bible study. Thanks for stopping by already this morning. #32

  4. Lol, I can't make scones either!! So you're not alone :-)
    Well done on your travel journal page... I zoomed in for a closer look as anything with maps on floats my boat! It's really good, you'll soon be making more, I'm sure!
    Hugs, LLJ 26 xx

  5. What a perfect breakfast companion!!! So wonderful! Good luck on your journal pages. Have a great week & God bless!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #9

  6. How I envy you sitting out for breakfast - I am huddling by the radiator these days but I should not grumble - I had my share of sun last month. Your breakfast sounds idyllic!
    Good luck with the handbag - hope we get to see.
    Hugs, Neet (and thinks for visiting me when I was out) xx

  7. What a great travel page you have there.... a few years from know when you look back it will mean so much to you.... looking forward to page 2 now....
    Thanks for stopping by...

  8. Love your travel page! Oh to have breakfast outside again! Freezing EVERY morning here in Manchester and I think we have it better than most!! Thanks for your visit! Chris43

  9. I love that your birds are so tame that is really cool :) and yay! for getting the page done. I am toe in the water about scrapping again and am still collecting supplies and reorganizing them stage (soon) :) ~Stacy #77

  10. The travel journal page rocks! How lucky you are to have a little bird join you for breakfast! My grandkids would be beside themselves to have that happen to them. :)
    Thanks for visiting me and for your comment. Much appreciated.

  11. Hi Jan, happy WOYWW. great travel pages there and your bag/photo frame is idea sure sounds interesting -looking forward to seeing the finished item. Have a great week RobynO#20

  12. luckyittle chap...... i made a mean scone .... try using slightly off milk or eeven yoghurt and sit them on thd tray on top of theoveen for 10
    inutez to proove beforebaking ...... delicious
    janet #18

  13. Oh I would love if our birdies were that tame! What a great shot :)

    My daughter makes fabulous scones, both cheese ones and fruit - I might have to hint at her to make some this weekend. Mmmm.

    Carmen x #53

  14. Cool pages! Thanks for the earlier visit! Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #63

  15. Lovely pages for your travel journal and your little feathered visitor while you eat breakfast is wonderful!! Apologies for my late visitation! Annette #51

  16. Hi Jan - 14 sounds positively tropical!! Love the journal and I'll be round for my scone later! Have a great week, Chris # 11

  17. Hello Jan. Thanks for visiting, and apologies it has taken me all week to get back! Yes, I agree. The travel journal takes an incredible amount of work. Because mine was for friends as a gift to them, I did lots of pages, but also left lots clear for them to add their photos as well. They set off yesterday, for a three month trip right round the globe - wow! - So may have taken it with them to fill in as they go - but as part of their trip is trecking in Nepal(!!!) - they may have simply taken a small notebook and will fill it in when they arrive home..
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #7

  18. What a great journal which looks filled with wonderful memories. Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment at A Vintage Journey. It was nice to visit your blog.
    Julie x