Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Hola from Sunny/ cloudy Spain, this is the first day I've been up here since Sunday, Monday was too cold and yesterday we just managed our morning walk, drove home and it started raining, eventually I lit the fire and had a lazy afternoon, ha,ha, not much different from the norm.

Thought I'd share this photo of my coffee from
yesterday, heart shaped sugars, how cute, the waiter had a little smile when he heard my comments about them. Steve just tutted, not impressed.

Lovely cups too, very colourful.

My desk this week, well I've made a start on DIL's  handbag card but decided to use the pink papers instead of the dark red, prettier I think so as you can see its still in the early stages, the fushia pink card has a lovely sheen to it, it does't really show in the photo but I`m quite pleased as it matches really well and I've had it for years. 

My second travel page done, I decided not to do the second page of my train journey yet, still mulling it over.

 I think I mentioned before that Halloween is my birthday and that our eldest Grandson is convinced I`m a witch, I`m pretty sure Grandad has something to do with that!
 its always a busy day, Joey (scary Dragon), Charlie (puppy dog) had parades at school and of course Trick o Treating in the evening, fair wore me out as they live at the top of the cliffs and most houses had umpteen steps to the door, one man said we were the first visitors for two years, hardly surprising as they must have had thirty steps to climb, it was well worth going out just to see the houses and the boys were  pretty pleased with all the goodies they collected

The top Pic on the page is our DIL who dressed as a cat complete with long tail, they had to go to work in costume and had a competition between departments!

Nothing else too exciting happening here so until next week, have a great weekend and once again thanks for all your lovely comments.


  1. Love the sugar hearts! glad you are keeping busy in foul weather!
    thanks for visiting
    Robyn 10

  2. Hi, Jan, those sugar packets are so cute! Since I do some pocket scrapbooking I would have tried to tear them open carefully and brought them home. Love the birthday/Halloween page -- very cute costumes. Happy WOYWW and thanks for your visit. :) ~ Laura #53

  3. I think you'd have earned a share of the spoils with all those stairs!

    Always good when you suddenly think of a way to use stash you've had for years - I'm looking forward to seeing how the bag comes out.

    Thank you for your lovely words over at mine :)

    Carmen x #46

  4. How cute those sugars are! What a nice treat. :) Thanks for your visit to my place and for your comments. I do appreciate both. Banff is beautiful! I have been there twice, both times many years ago.I'm sure your daughter is having a wonderful time there. I look forward to seeing the completion of your cards. They look stunning so far. Have a good week!

  5. Oh yes I agree, the sugar pockets are so sweet looking!!!
    And your BD on Halloween what a Treat that would be... I bet that Witch stuff is the work of Grand Dad for sure....
    Thanks for stopping by again this week, and the kind words too!!!

  6. Hi Jan! Any blog post that begins with a warm beverage like that always gets my attention, lol! I like the little hearts as well :D Your desk looks like you are busy as a bee but have it all under control! :D
    Hugs for now,
    Beth P
    #77 WOYWW

  7. You know I actually laughed out loud when I read your remark about being a witch (and I am sat alone at the moment , scary). I am sure lots of people have thought of me as a witch over the years.
    Love the cup and the sugars, how lovely to be served something like that - finesse!
    Hope Spain gets sunny as we are off for a holiday there in April.
    Hugs, Neet 28 (late again I know)

  8. Those sugars would have made me happy's the little things, isn't it?! And I laughed at the thought of you being a witch....all I'll say is it takes one to know one!!
    Hugs, LLJ 23 xx

  9. I agree those sugar Hearts are a lovely touch.
    Julie x

  10. Hello!

    I love the heart cookies - were they as tasty as they looked? It was fun to read of your Halloween fun with the kids - the witch part I am not sure of - could go either way! Maybe you should have a talk with Grandpa. :<) Wishing you a happy day!


    Barbara Diane