Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Well here we are again, another week gone by, I'm pleased to say my wedding card is finished and in its box, pictures next week.
Thanks to all who stopped by for a visit last week and thanks for your kind comments, if you thought my desk was tidy last week, well it's even tidier this week.

Actually I took this after I had tidied up, I had sheets of card all over, I managed to ruin four sheets of the pink card, the card was so thick I had to stick it to the cricut mat, it kept sliding off the mat while it was cutting, very annoying and a  shame as it was pearl shimmer but then again it has been hiding in the drawer for the past few years.
 The card is for Joey`s friends sister, Katie, it's not finished just laid out while I ponder how to attach the back and front, the white being the back, I haven't trimmed it to size yet until I decide what to do. I now have a pile of five's, all various sizes that didn't match up!
Oh and the envelope is my ATC all ready to post. 

All tidy on this side too, I have two scrap pages going on for the Scraplift Challenge over at SCS, one is my smash book on the left, that page is our day out with Joey last year in San Francisco. The other page is Joey's birthday from last year but I realised I had some photos missing so I need to ask our DIL to re send them but she's not feeling too well at the moment so it will have to wait.
I guess that's it for this week, so I'll just mosey or should that be nosy over to check out what you've all been up to, have a great week.
Jan x


  1. Your space is too tidy! LOL Can't wait to see your scrap pages! I am not doing the ATC swap this time around. It was fun last time, though. Happy WOYWW! #50

  2. I shall look forward to seeing the wedding card! Hope all goes well. Oh and I really adore that big pink 5 but don't really know why. My crazy brain..... ;-)
    Hugs, LLJ 15 xxx

  3. Happy Woyww! Have a great week :)
    Charlie.x #11
    or find me here

  4. Looking forward to seeing the wedding card next week. Nice to see your desk so tidy - mine is too so now I am grabbing the moment and introducing myself and mh pens to a bit of tangling today.
    Hugs, Neet xx 17

  5. Great workspace there - so neat and tidy - I am such an untidy crafter. x Jo

  6. Hi Jan Great to hear from you - we had a lovely break but it seems an age ago already ! Your lovely tidy room puts my disgraceful desk to shame !!
    I just don;t seem to have time to get any crafting done - we are either away, doing stuff or the garden demands my time - even this coming weekend we are at a concert although I am hoping I can do something on Bank Holiday Monday ! Love to Steve & have a good week Hugs Ali xx

  7. Oh good for you for being ATC Ready already! Ah your story about the pearly card and the Cricut is very familiar..maddening isn't it. having said that, the card looks fab already, so it was worth the efforts!!

  8. Hi Jan and thanks for visiting my desk - I'm late just things have been busy here but I like to at least reply to those who visit and leave kindly comments. Have a wonderful week and hope you get your card sorted Cheers RobynO#16

  9. So tidy, the card looks like it'll be great and it's a lovely colour.

  10. Lovely tidy space, and I'm sorry you had problems with the card sticking to the mat. It's most annoying when things like that happen and you end up wasting precious resources! I am not joining in the ATC swap again this year because I've got enough going on this summer with my chemo. Thank you for a lovely comment on my blog, and thank you for missing me!!! That is so sweet!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #70

  11. That's a very neat and tidy workspace! You'll probably find another use for the extra 5s. Thanks for your kind comment about my cards :)