Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hi all, Happy WOYWW, hope all goes well with the grand ATC swop.

My very, very tidy craft room, no work going on here, but greetings from Poland, by the time you are reading this we will all be meeting up and getting ready for the wedding on Friday so hopefully I'll have a few photos to show next week.

The front of the card I made, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out in the end and I even managed a few flowers too.

Also the inside, I put the sentiment on the back as there wasn't enough room on the inside panels, hopefully it will have survived the journey!!.
Have a great weekend.
Jan x


  1. What a beautiful wedding card, absolutely perfect. I hope you're having a marvellous time in Poland getting ready for the big day. I wonder how different their wedding preparations and traditions are. Tell us all about it won't you!
    I've linked you into the party. xx

  2. I simply ADORE that wedding card. I don't make cards, but this one looks very, very professional. It's a real beauty. And of course, I adore your craft space. So much storage space, too!

    Happy, happy 6th WOYWW anniversary from #1.

  3. Stunningly tidy room :) - Gorgeous card. Happy woyww Anniversary - soojay 37#

  4. wow what a stunning room, so clean and spacious, thanks for the snoop

    N0 39

  5. Hi Jan hope that the wedding all went brilliantly! Looking forward to seeing the photos! Was it an experience to celebrate in a different culture? Your card is gorgeous sure they loved it! Looking forward to hearing all about it! Sorry to be so slow getting back to you but I had a busy weekend and am in Dusseldorf for work at the moment. Love to you both Ali xxx