Wednesday, January 27, 2016


 Here we are again, where has this last week gone, well I know where our time has gone,  trying to fix the internet connection, eventually they replaced the little dish on the roof and box here in my room, then when we called our family using facetime they couldn't see us, sons probably thought that was a bonus, ha,ha 
The company made the mistake of telling Steve about a app that checks the speed, foolish people, he is now obsessed and checks every restaurant we go to, apparently is was the upload???? All I know is we can see our family again and they can relax knowing Dad won't keep emailing asking them to ring to check if they can see him, of course youngest rang and sat still, pulling a funny face pretending his picture had froze! 

My desk, As you can see I'm still working on my scrap page, it has moved to another of my desks so that's progress, I started out making this journal to give to the grandsons, mainly of our holidays with them and the trips we make during the year but I do find it hard work, I've already printed out three pages for BG but can't decide If they are what I'm looking for so don't be shocked if it's still here next week.

The box card in the background is for our youngest son, crazy birds popping out, I have to get my moneys worth out of them so looks like it will be crazy bird cards all year!
 The pile to the side of it is a second box card cut and covered, then I decided on another idea for a friends birthday card so I haven't managed to put it away to use at a later date yet, there's also my box of Fresco chalk paints I've been having a play with.
 Other than that, dare I say, I've been making Christmas Cards for the challenge I do all year round with SplitCoast Stampers and I'm pleased to say I've been using the card blanks I found when tidying and using my bits of card from my stash to die cut.

Before I go I'll just tell you something that hopefully will give you all a smile, Steve has kept his birthday card on the shelf, I commented and asked if he really like it so much, he said, yes but every time I see it I realise it's probably cost me thousands just for you to make it for me!!!!

Jan x


  1. I know what you mean by making albums for the grandies. When you make one, you have to make one for the others as well. I have 8 grandchildren. I made a scraapbook for the ledest of his first 10 years. Now I have to do it for the next one (who is only 6 at the mo, so I have time....but i better start)
    Thanks for visiting earlier and your sweet comment,
    Have a good week,

  2. The papers you have out are bright and colorful -- hope it's a fun project to put together. I love the crazy birds box card!!! It seems like almost everyone has those birds, or wants them. Glad your internet is working again. I can barely function if ours is down. Happy WOYWW from Laura #45

  3. The box card looks fun! You're right, once you buy a design, stamps/dies/stencils, you'd better make the most of it, otherwise it's just a waste of money. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. zsuzsa #38

  4. The box card looks so totally fun :) ~Stacy #59

  5. Internet problems are a real pain. It's only when they happen that you realise just how dependent you are on it! Not getting out much, I value it hugely. Love your pretty papers! So glad you've been able to spend time with the family.

    Thanks for your visit - the absence of my mojo meant far more than not having any ideas - I completely went off doing anything at all and wasn't interested and couldn't be bothered. A lot of it was reaction to everything that happened to me last year, I think, and whenever I'm unsettled or preoccupied, it's always the first thing to go. The fact that it is back is a good sign that things are returning to normal - hopefully for a nice long time to come!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #24

  6. That is so funny, the comment about the card--that's about the truth for all of us crafters, though, isn't it?

    #60 this week
    with 37 atcs

  7. Your hubby sounds like mine, he's always checking our internet speed too! And crazy birds seem to be all over the desks today. I don't blame you for wanting to get good value from the stamps!!
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xx

  8. Shh, don't tell Steve, but he may be right! Literally £100s!! Those crazy birds are great, but I do agree, they are expensive, so I think a years worth of cards is a good plan! Your desk looks great, so productive!

  9. Those darn crazy birds! Lol. Glad you got your facetime fixed. Mum and I always Skype and for a while there I couldn't hear her at all. I would have to ring her up and chat while we looked at one another. Thankfully one of my nephews gave her a hand and she got it sorted!

    Sharon K #9

  10. Steve is so funny! But words said with love, I know. And I see where your son gets his sense of humor. I love the card and glad he left it there to share with us.

    You know, and Steve would agree, you have enough toys to jump in on Tim's Tags with us. Come on! Creative Blessings! Kelly #43