Wednesday, February 3, 2016


 Here we are again, why are we always surprised that another week has flown by, who said being retired would be boring! 

 This was our view as we were eating our lunch yesterday, decided to treat ourselves after Steves Cardiology appointment, good news is that his blood results were excellent and his heart is functioning good although the joke about having the heart like a Ferrari and the body of a Model T Ford was lost on the doctor!! I never know why Steve tries his humour out at times like this, goes down like a lead balloon! Although after a few minutes of trying to explain the doctor suddenly said, ah Alonso? 
The not so good news is that one valve isn't closing as it should, my heart sank when he said it may mean another op, then he said, well maybe in five years, whew, I quickly asked if flying was ok, he said of course, that's good seeing we already have three trips booked, would hate to have to leave Steve at home!!!! LOL

My desk, I've just been finding pink card to make a start on DIL's birthday card, it isn't until next month but I have to get my brain in gear, I've been looking on Pinterest for ideas, saw a good pop up card about eating chocolate, sounds like Jennie so mulling that idea over, I might even use the Julia Nutting stamp at long last!!

Finally finished my scrap page, only took me a month!! now I have to think about the next one, I just hope after all this they look at it more often than we look at our photo albums!
I do love my digital photo frame though that DS1 bought for me a few years ago, at least I see the photos and can change them quite easily, unlike the two frames you may remember me mentioning, I have actually finished them but having gotten round to hanging them yet.

Well that's me done for this week, thanks so much for all your lovely comments last week, hope you all have more interesting things on your desks than mine has.

Jan x


  1. LOL, I find your husband's humour endearing! Glad to hear everything is OK and the valve thing doesn't require immediate intervention. Lovely page with fun photos! Thanks for visiting earlier! zsuzsa #32

  2. Your husband sounds like me - I get 'what did you say that for he'll think you're an idiot' Lovely page. I hope all my efforts don't end up in the bin when we are gone x Jackie 22

  3. 5 years out sounds like oh good not as serious as being left at home while you enjoy all the vacations... :) I think mine would have said I am sure something just as funny to his dr. :) ooh I have been on a pink kick lately too so that was fun to see. ~Stacy #54

  4. I did laugh at your husband's joke. (and I'm not British) The Spanish doctor probably was not in the mood, or had never heard of a Ford-T.
    The pink card looks promising. (Pink chocolate...?)
    And I really like your scrapbook page. I'm trying to do A4 lay-outs too but I'm struggling. I'm just not used to it. Your page is fantastic. Well done!
    Thanks for the visit,
    Happy WOYWWednesday,

  5. Pretty pretty pink, and a fun scrapbook page. I have pages waiting to be finished from (not joking) years ago, so you'll hear no negative comments from me!!!

    Happy WOYWW to you,
    :)trisha too
    #49 this week

  6. It's called gallows humour and gets you through worrying times. We had a lot of this when my hubby had a quadruple heart bypass eight years ago...joking about it helped us cope with the seriousness of the situation. And he's still wisecracking away, in good health, all these years later :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 17 xx

  7. Glad the appointment went well. Looks like you have a lot of crafty stuff going on. Best to get started on that card early otherwise you'll be like me - looking around for ideas a couple of days before the birthday! Aarrggg. I am actually doing better this year.

    Take care
    Sharon k #45

  8. Glad that the news on Steve's health was on the whole positive and that you can get out & about on your trips ! The scrap page is looking great ! Looking forward to seeing Jennie's card ! Take care Love Ali xx

  9. I get it, good old gallows humour, I think it's nerves because I do it too! Good news for Steve, am very happy and relieved for you. The weather looks good with you! Well done on finishing the (lovely) page, only a million or so left to do then!!

  10. Glad things well. Re the jokes my DH is the same !!!! pretty pink card. Great LO. Thanks for visiting. Sorry I'm late had internet problems last night. Anne x #19

  11. Hope you and DH manage to get those holidays in - relaxation time has to be good for the heart.
    Sorry I am late - have an ulcer now on my leg plus jet lag!
    Hugs, Neet 34 xx

  12. Mostly good news for Steve. And I got his humor. LOL We would have some much fun together. If only I enjoyed flying as much as you two do. LOL yeah, I don't see you leaving Steve behind when you fly over to see the grandbabies LOL NOT an option LOL Creative Blessings! ~Kel