Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Sounds crazy I know but last week I totally forgot it was Wednesday!
 Kelly mentioned WOYWW and I was just going to ask why she had posted a day early! This can easily happen when you are retired, anything can do it, anyway I've made it this week, I started this yesterday just to make sure.

 Searching for ideas for DIL's card I happened upon the La Pashe CD that I'm embarrassed to admit I've had for a number of years, then decided that seeing as I hadn't used any of the decoupage prints I would print out a few things while it was in my mind, trouble is I've been jumping from one card to another instead of concentrating on the ones that are needed first.

This is DIL's card, I made a pop up card as I had already cut the base in the pink.
I made the BG 3D too by printing two backing sheets and cutting bits out of it, a bit hard to see. The front DP is Penny Black, CoCo style.

My desks are messy, this area I had tidied up so I could find all the decoupage pieces I had already cut out, the pile of card are the La Pashe prints that I'm planning on using for birthday cards for next few months birthdays. I also made DIL no 2's card, you can just see it at the front of the desk, slightly different, no chance of them comparing notes though seeing as they live a few thousand miles apart!!

I've managed another page of my Scrapbook but I still haven't gotten around to putting the picture frames up, must do it as eldest Son is over for a visit in three weeks, I have made sure there's an even number of each of them, they always check!!
Just had the latest scan of our much awaited new Grandson, eldest just rang to give us an update, apparently everything is going well so we are all looking forward to his arrival in May.

Apart from that there's not much else happening here, had high winds over the weekend, made the football match interesting, and quite cold sitting watching, for the first time ever I wimped out ten minutes before the end when it started raining as well, made a dash for the car. 
Weather today is sunny but apparently is is going to get  a little cooler for a few days, we won't complain after seeing some of the storms in England and other parts though.

Take Care and Have a great week.

Jan x


  1. What an absolutely fabulous card. Love it, Gorgeous colours and sure to make anyone who sees it smile.
    Hugs, Neet 13 xx

  2. What lovely cards! I like the first one best, but the two with the bathing lady are such fun!
    Congratulations on your soon-to-arrive grandchild. Do you know what gender?
    Thanks for your visit.
    Happy WOYWW and have a good week,

  3. LOVE that paper print--such a clever card. Happy Wednesday! Sandy Leigh #39

  4. looking pretty in pink here! I love losing track of days!
    robyn 11

  5. Hi Jan! I made it! Like you said, being retired, I usually just flat forget it is time to post a Blog. Love your DIL's card. How crafty of you. Exciting May in store for you, I see. Thanks for the sharing and for the peek. #63

  6. Beautiful card - I love the sentiment! I would forget Wednesdays if it wasn't for the fact it's my mid-week call to Mum. We talk on Wednesdays and Skype on Saturdays otherwise I don't keep track lol.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #42

  7. LOL! Fab card!
    Happy WOYWW!

    Sussie nr 50

  8. You retirees, its hard to read! That's a lot of fussy cutting, my word I hope your DiL knows the sweat that goes into one of your cards! The result is fabulous!

  9. Great Card! Thanks for sharing...

  10. Great cards seems pink is the in colour this week, I've been using it too.. Helen #1

  11. What fantastic cards I love them. Thanks for stopping by my messy desk. Have a great week. Peg.

  12. I love your attention to detail in creating the whole sweet bathroom scene for your pop-up card. I had to laugh about your sons checking to see that you have the same number of pictures of them displayed around the house, because it sounds like something my girls would do too - LOL! Thanks for your recent visit and Happy WOYWW!

  13. that card is adorable! She will love it! I have yet to do a serious pop up card. Glad I could help align your calendar so you would join us! Creative Blessings! Kel