Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Another week gone in a flash, at least I have achieved quite a bit, finished regrouting the mosaic although it still needs cleaning, posted a few birthday cards and pleasingly I am actually ahead of schedule with my list, oh yes apart from notebooks I also love making lists, Steve jokes I make a list for my lists which is very true.

My desk this week, lots of things on the go as usual but all unfinished, I saw a challenge to use a stencil, I only have one Christmas stencil so I started by using embossing paste with glitter, put it on one side to dry, but while searching through my stash of card bases that I'm trying to use up I spotted a nice pink one, which of course didn't match the Christmas card piece I'd just started!! so using part of a TH flower stencil, the one on the card front, I think you can just see, I used embossing paste and sprinkled with embossing powder.
 Unfortunately the white sparkly embossing powder really didn't show up very well so I was just going to throw it away when I thought I could put a little glue on the top and sprinkle glitter!! looked messy so I started to scrap it off and thought it didn't look too bad with only bits of glitter showing,  not sure the card will ever be sent out but in the process I did manage to use a small piece of ribbon from my huge stash!!

To the right are the free papers from my craft mag on top of the plastic folder with the card parts I'd printed out last week. On the shelf, that needs a tidy are my Distress inks at the back, the tubs are old plastic CD holders, they have my Alcohol Inks and Distress reinkers in and another with glossy and crackle accents.

Getting ready for No 1 sons visit on Friday, arrives at 10am so with an hours drive to the airport it will be an early start then straight to the seafront for his Chopitos (baby squid) which he loves, when I told Blanca to make sure she had some ready she said, oh your son's arriving is he?  He says he has to make the most of being fussed over as the next time we see him he won't stand a chance with the new baby on the scene! Ha,Ha, very true.

Hope to see you over at Julia's place, you're sure to be doing something more interesting, until next week, have a good one

Jan x


  1. My sons are both coming home this weekend too...hooray!! Enjoy your Mothers Day :-). You'd get on well with Julia then, as she loves lists too. But I don't...just as well that opposites attract eh or else we wouldn't be friends!!
    Hugs, LLJ 14 xx

  2. It sounds as if you've had fun with your stencil, paste and glitter. Put it aside - it always looks useable in the morning!

    Have a wonderful time with your son when he visits and enjoy the rest of your day. Barbxx #16

  3. just scrolled down and saw your collection of notebooks, I've always had a weak spot for stationary and thought that was odd, but now have found out that that is not the case :-) Happy WOYWW Vicky #3

  4. I saw a well-known crafter on TV with saying, "Gliter is my Prozac." So true! Oh how I love the glitter. You inspire me to try the embossing paste--I've never gotten that serious with my card making, but it looks beautiful. Thanks for your visit. Have a lovely week. Sandy Leigh #36

  5. My oldest daughter will be here this weekend too, but it will be bittersweet. She is picking up her furniture, which is currently stored in our garage, to take to her first apartment as a professional in Austin. Anyway, it sounds like you had fun experimenting with your background. It's fun to discover new things that way. Happy WOYWW!

  6. It will be exciting to see him,but ugh, Chopitos! The stencil/glitter/glue thing is no bad idea..and because I'm late, I've seen it and it looks good!