Wednesday, June 17, 2015


My desk this week, well one part of it, doesn't look as if much is going on but I have finished three projects. I really should take the photo before cleaning up, at one point  I had so much paper out I couldn't find my paper trimmer.

I had a little play with my Brusho paints, after getting ideas from you tube I stabbed a hole in the top of the pots, which makes sense after I took the lid off and ended up using far too much paint, you might just see on the top piece of card. I decided to use one of my new stamps, PaperArtsy Mini flower, to stamp on top of the blue, cut them out and make flowers with them, I actually only finished the one, I think you can just see it, but I quite like it.

This is for our eldest son, his birthday isn't until next month but I wanted to get it finished while I had the idea in my head. Its actually a similar colour to his wedding suit, not sure the shirt collar is the right size for the jacket but after making a few that was the best of the bunch, I even had to make an envelope, as usual I just started the card without any thought of not having an envelope big enough! 

I even managed to finish Katie's card, our Grandsons friend, the balloons I've had for years but they did match the Birthday paper quite well I thought.

And just to show I haven't been slacking this week, my Scraplift page. This was our day out with Joey in San Francisco last year, to take him on the Muni, Tram and Cable car. 
I've started using my Smash book as a Journal of our holidays and special events.

Well that's me for this week, hope you have a great weekend, thanks to all who popped over last week and left lovely comments.

Jan x

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Wednesday again, already, can't believe another week has gone by but then don't we say that every week? 
Anyway Happy WOYWW from a baking hot Spain, too hot to do anything really although we have been for our morning walk along the paseo and had our breakfast on the Marina, I know we've become creatures of habit but it makes a lovely start to the day before too many people are around.

My craft order was waiting for me when we arrived home from Poland, two new PapersArtsy stamp sets, a few more paints and two stencils. my next order is already on its way, I noticed that a few things on my (extensive) wish list had come back into stock, I've also ordered a starter set of Brushos too, I keep seeing them mentioned so I thought why not!! I really shouldn't do that when I already have a bunch of new stuff to try, I did see that the new Stamper Mag has an article on using them so I'm going to download it, it just might give me some ideas.

So my desk, nothing much going on, we've been feeling quite tired since our trip, a combination of travelling and coming home to the heat I think, So the birthday card is still sitting there waiting for some inspiration, in the BG you can see my mixed media journal, I did have a little play on Monday with my new stamps and paints on the left hand page, nothing exciting there worth a close-up though I'm afraid.

 The two plastic boxes both have christmassy bits in them, sorry I know it's a bit early in the year for some of you but I had a sort out of my Christmas drawer and decided to collect the die cuts and card pieces and put them together in the hope that this year I will find a use for them!! If not they will have to go as I'm running out of drawer space.

Just a quick last photo, this is me and my boys, the bridegroom on my right, doesn't he look a happy boy, he was so relieved that their solo dance had gone so well, for someone who is a heavy metal fan dancing to "Come away with me" it was quite amazing to watch.
Youngest was still recovering from Jet lag and as you can see he hates having his photo taken!

So off to have a hop around the world of desks, hope you've all been more productive than I have this week, have a great weekend.
Jan x

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Looks like you all had a great time last week with the ATC swop, I was quite pleased with myself as I managed to do a scheduled post which Julia linked up for me, I hope the ATC arrived Julia!
Whilst all the desk hopping was going on we were en route to Bydgoszcz in Poland for our eldest sons wedding. Everything went to plan, we all managed to meet at the hotel as planned before flying out the following day.

 My room looks the same as last week, almost, with the addition of a pile of ironing which I'm sure you really don't want to see so here's a few piccies instead.

Bydgoszcz is a very pretty town with lovely riverside walks and plenty of restaurants and coffee shops selling an amazing assortment of cakes, I did have to partake, just once, honestly, a blueberry cheesecake which was absolutely delicious.

The bride and groom arriving at the wedding reception, a novel way to arrive, sipping champers while the guests wait on the balcony. Magdalena was quite concerned about it beforehand as we all joked it would be a rowing boat, Steve actually thought the whole wedding party would be joining them!

Bring on the Wedding cake, Polish style, we were amazed it didn't melt with the heat.
We had already had the main course, Chicken, rolled beef, pork knuckle and all the trimmings, after an hour or so of dancing the waiter wheeled out a roast pig lit up with fireworks! I was so amazed I totally forgot to take a photo.
We left just after 1am so missed the soup that was served at 2am!! Apparently some guests were still partying at 4am. 
We had a lovely four days, the last day spent at the summer house near the lake with the family, sadly we all had to say goodbye, we all flew back to Stansted together, bride and groom home to London, youngest son to San Francisco and we stayed in the hotel another night as we had a 6am flight back to Alicante.
Just off for a swim so until next week, Happy WOYWW
Jan x