Wednesday, December 23, 2015


 Hola fellow deskers, welcome from a cloudy Spain, we have been promised sun again tomorrow, can't complain as its been cool first thing but wall to wall sunshine by lunchtime every day!

So how come this time of year always seems to sneak upon us? We know the date, it's the same every year but somehow we all think we have all the time in the world and then, bang, it's here, LOL, well over here it's pretty laid back, but then the Spanish have another one to come in January so they are saving themselves for that, photos at a later date...

Well my desk.....

Still messing with the crazy birds as I had all my cards finished and posted last week. 

So after reading what I thought was a great idea to use the backing from the glue dots to make your own bling, well see for yourself

Seeing as I have far too many stickles I tried a few, the gold glitter obviously was far too runny and came out in a big blob, after scrapping it into the holes I left it all to dry. Some look quite neat at this stage

Took an absolute age to dry, some didn't dry and those that did are quite mishaped, not the best idea I've tried so if anyone has done this, successfully do let me know the secret!

I think all that's left to do is to say, Have a great Christmas one and all and hope to see you next week, flaked out over your desks recovering from all that food no doubt, off to make sausage rolls and mince pies, programmed the cleaning for tomorrow, oh joy!!

Jan x

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Hello again fellow deskers, didn't think I would make it, after a hectic day yesterday, early drive to Alicante to drop DS1 off, back home for doctors visit, we decided to have a leisurely morning starting with tea in bed, just started the washing machine going when I realised the water was going off so had to turn it off and decided to go for our walk, just arrived at the seafront and bumped into some friends who are over for two months so we all ordered coffee, next thing its 11.30 and we hadn't even had breakfast, honestly its all go when you are retired!!

So, one of my desks, I ordered a Clarity stamp folder and inserts while I was away but unfortunately it didn't arrive in time for me to bring home with me, good job really as I didn't realise it would be so heavy, I would have been really over weight with my luggage!
So yesterday afternoon I started transferring my stamps into the folder, not sure how it should be done but I've attached the stamp picture on the front of the insert and the stamps on the back, is that how it should be done???
I have more stamps than I thought so its a good job I ordered extra inserts, I seem to have loads of Christmas stamps! and as I have mentioned before stamping isn't really my thing, I am trying to enjoy it but I much prefer to do decoupage.

A view inside one drawer, I've tidied my dies so I could fit the new ones in, these are just the nesting ones, others are in a CD pocket on a piece of magnetic sheet, for now, I'm still looking for a system to save on room as I'm gradually running out of storage space, it doesn't help getting interested in mixed media as now I have paints, stencils,  etc, etc, I did buy a Clarity small stencil holder to save them being damaged floating around the drawer but need to sort out how to store all my paints and ink blending tools now, maybe when I do I will dare to show that drawer!

sorry I didn't manage to visit many desks last week, will try harder this week even if isn't until tomorrow, have to make a Lamb pie for tea now so see you later, thanks to those who left comments last week, it's good to be back.

Jan x

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Hello from a cloudy Spain, its been so long since I joined it took me a while to get into my blog. 
We've just come back from a two month visit to our sons in San Francisco, still getting our heads straight after being away so long, must admit we've had a great time with our family, especially our Grandsons who've both had birthdays while we were over. 

Its lovely to join in their every day lives, school run, going to swimming and piano lessons, a couple of visits to the cinema, had a amazing Halloween, seeing as I was the birthday girl that night I had to be a witch, Charlie 3 was a cute Batman and Joey was a shark, even walked through a full sized pirate ship in one garden, after two hours the boys had far too much candy so we made our way home.

I was volunteered by DIL to help at the art class one morning, we helped Joeys class make owl pictures with pasta and wool, this was Joeys finished piece, some of the girls were such perfectionists, I see a few future crafters amongst them

Of course I managed to spend quite a bit!! Some might say more than a bit but I had great fun perusing the web sites, must admit I bought more online, far more discounts I found this time, anyway you can all see for yourselves.

Very excited about the Crazy birds, I managed to get the stamps and dies and the accessories, I've seen loads of great cards using them so just hope I can do the same with them.
The jury is still out on the piercing dies and the Spellbinders enhancing Circles, not sure if that's the right name, anyway had a quick play with them, I didn't realise some of the set are just embossing shapes not cutting ones, takes a while to figure them out, or maybe my heads still spinning after all that travelling! 
Of course it took me two afternoons to put it all away, I had my sets of dies in a drawer laid out on magnetic sheets, having collected a few more I couldn't get them all in one drawer, after a whole afternoon I re-arranged them all, some are now on magnetic sheets in CD sleeves, for the moment!

I have a stamp folder and sheets from Clarity on its way with eldest son, he rang last night and asked if he could pop over Friday for five days, of course we were very pleased as we only had a one night stop over with him on our journey home, DIL isn't able to fly as they are expecting a baby next May,  we are to be Grand parents again which is such exciting news.

Before I say bye and seeing as it's that time of year, a photo of the Christmas card I made for our Grandsons, it's a shelf sitting Snowman, instructions can be found on the Splitcoast Stampers Tutorials.

Have a great weekend, I will try to visit as many desks as possible but now I have some cleaning to do before Friday

Jan x