Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Hola from Sunny/ cloudy Spain, this is the first day I've been up here since Sunday, Monday was too cold and yesterday we just managed our morning walk, drove home and it started raining, eventually I lit the fire and had a lazy afternoon, ha,ha, not much different from the norm.

Thought I'd share this photo of my coffee from
yesterday, heart shaped sugars, how cute, the waiter had a little smile when he heard my comments about them. Steve just tutted, not impressed.

Lovely cups too, very colourful.

My desk this week, well I've made a start on DIL's  handbag card but decided to use the pink papers instead of the dark red, prettier I think so as you can see its still in the early stages, the fushia pink card has a lovely sheen to it, it does't really show in the photo but I`m quite pleased as it matches really well and I've had it for years. 

My second travel page done, I decided not to do the second page of my train journey yet, still mulling it over.

 I think I mentioned before that Halloween is my birthday and that our eldest Grandson is convinced I`m a witch, I`m pretty sure Grandad has something to do with that!
 its always a busy day, Joey (scary Dragon), Charlie (puppy dog) had parades at school and of course Trick o Treating in the evening, fair wore me out as they live at the top of the cliffs and most houses had umpteen steps to the door, one man said we were the first visitors for two years, hardly surprising as they must have had thirty steps to climb, it was well worth going out just to see the houses and the boys were  pretty pleased with all the goodies they collected

The top Pic on the page is our DIL who dressed as a cat complete with long tail, they had to go to work in costume and had a competition between departments!

Nothing else too exciting happening here so until next week, have a great weekend and once again thanks for all your lovely comments.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


So Where did the last week go to? My Dad always said it was a sign of getting old when you think time flies, how true that is! Anyway another Wednesday and a chance to snoop around every ones desks, thanks to Julia over at the Stamping Ground. 
 Hopefully you`ve been a little more creative than I have, although I did manage to finish my first travel journal page, never thought I would but here it is.

I had a huge amount of encouragement from Sharon, Foxy Stamping, thanks Sharon, and I have started on my second too, as you can see below, well I`ve printed some paper for the BG although I found some I liked much better when I was searching for the dark Red paper.

I'm attempting a card shaped as a handbag but inside it holds two photos so it can be used as a photo frame, this is a test one to see if I can make it work, if it does I will make it for our DIL and put photos of her boys in it, as we both call them, (our son and grandsons) I have been trying to find colours to match their bedroom as any cards with photos are kept in the bedrooms after the birthdays are over.

This is a photo from last week, we usually only have coffee here and have a few birds sit on the back of the chairs chirping at us for food, this week we had breakfast and one decided he could share it with us, they are so tame, he obviously enjoys croissant for breakfast.

Sunny and windy here today, we' ve been spoilt as it was 19c last weekend so now it feels chilly, I know, most of you would really love 14c!

Must dash now as I`ve promised to make Scones, they normally turn out like griddle cakes but I'm determined to get them right, one day, Steve still eats them and tells me they are lovely, what a kind husband he is.

Have a great weekend and keep safe if you are have all that horrible white stuff around. Thanks once again for all your kind comments last week.

Jan x