Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Happy Wednesday everyone, afraid there´s not much happening on my work desk this week as I´ve finished my christmas cards and posted the ones off to England, not cheap I can tell you as everyone of them had to be weighed, a lengthy operation but no use getting stressed as he only has one speed, slow, as we say over here, dont visit the bank and post office in one day!! Eighteen Euros later I asked myself , as I do every year, why didn´t I make them regulation size to save on postage, trouble is I do love making square cards, anyway that was one job ticked my list of things to do. I just hope they arrive quicker than my new Grandsons birth card, it took four weeks to arrive in San Francisco, Jennie says its in pride of place and Joey was thrilled to receive a card of his own for being a  big brother.

 This week on my desk are the tags I´ve been making, I keep seeing some amazing ones, and although I love making tags mine never quite look as good as the ones I keeping see on the blogs I´ve been following, anyway I thought I would have  a little go this week, I started out doing just one for Jennie, our daughter-in-law,  but then got a little carried away!
 At the back of my desk you can see my die cuts etc in a plastic tub, to be used at a later date, hopefully, and my shoe box stuffed full of white off cuts, I´ve been using them to cut poinsettias out for my tags, I even made a pinky spray with mica powders and distress inks to colour them! oh and I´m still fiddling with the tattered pinecone, I love the leaves that are part of the die though, maybe next year I´ll have mastered how to make them so they actually look like a pinecone although I did make a lovely silver christmas rose out of one so not a total disaster.

 Thanks for visiting my blog, and have a lovely week.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hi Everyone, amazingly I have actually remembered it´s Wednesday in time to join in with you all,  Sad I know but the days, or should I say weeks just fly by when you are haiving fun. Not too much mess on my work desk as I have had a tidy up since finishing my christmas cards although as usual I keep remembering someone else I´ve forgotten, even though I have a list! DH says I make so many lists I need a list to keep track of them all,
You may see a card on my desk, I was blog hopping looking for inspiration and came across a card on Mary Mays the charmed life blog, anyway I used her idea and made a card for Blake, our grandsons friend who is four next month. The other bits and pieces are some I made earlier, and discarded, although they may eventually be used but for now they will squirrelled away in my box of half finished cards.
As you can see from the photo above I have finally finished my Magic Santa Keys, you may remember a while back I had cut out some silver keys  but found they were way too bendy, well I gave up on that idea and a friend found me two old fashioned keys, so here it is, I made the fob and encapsulated it, just in case its raining on christmas Eve,
 Ive tried ribbons of various widths but found some too thick to push through the hole, didnt think of that beforehand but never mind, so for the moment I´m sticking with this one, the box was a designer tie box that DS1 gave me some years ago and of course I kept it, for once something Ive kept has come in useful!! I just need to find another one for Blake and Katie´s Key now.
Well that´s all Ive been up to this week,  hope those of you  in the UK are safe from the floods.
 Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


 Happy Wednesday to you all, Ive finally made it, cant remember the last time I posted to be honest,  the past few weeks have been quite hectic. Stephen and Magdalena came over for five days, then I only had one day to pack as I was whisked away for a surprise trip for three days by my lovely husband, a birthday trip,  it was a big one so the less said about that the better.
Last Friday our second Grandson Charlie arrived at last, thank goodness for face time!  we are getting VERY excited about our trip to see them,  of course Joey is a very proud big brother and even has a tee shirt to prove it.
My work desk this week isn't too interesting but it shows a pile of printed Christmas boxes ready to be cut,  a card started  ages ago, I  thought of a brilliant idea but it didn't quite work as I thought it would, another card to go in THE box, the one that holds all discarded bits that I always think I will make use of at a later date! Funny how many I have like that. oh and the Santa keys are still there, Ive lost my SVG file for them so cant cut the cardboard ones to glue in the middle, plan B is to try to find a couple real keys instead.
 At least you can´t see the rest of the room, its a complete disaster zone, I´m in the middle of printing inserts for my Christmas cards, yes, they are nearly all finished, surprising how motivated I can be when I need to be, with our trip pending I need to have everything finished by the beginning of December so Ive had a big splurge this week, it has helped that yesterday and today has been rainy and cold, so no walks along the paseo to distract me.
Hope you all have a happy Wednesday and  thanks for popping over.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hi Everyone, Happy WOYWW, cant believe how many weeks have gone since I last joined you all, I seem to have been really busy, not sure why, cant even use work as an excuse!!

The bits and pieces on my desk are the parts for a card I´m making for our new Grandson, he´s not arriving until November 2nd and I have to confess to starting it weeks ago, I had all the parts packed away while I worked on other things but I had a little panic when Jennie said she´d had contractions at work last friday, false alarm as it happened but thought I had better get a move on with it just in case! It will eventually be an album with his name, Charlie, makes quite a long card as you can imagine.
I´ve also got christmassy bits strewn over other parts of my room, I know some of you will think its far too early but I hate to rush at the last minute. I actually had to move away from in front of the open door yesterday, I was burning my legs in the sun, you know that bright thing in the sky, well it is still 29c here, you see how some of us suffer while crafting!!!

Ive just finished making this card for our Grandson´s 4th birthday, he´s mad on the planets so I thought I´d make that the theme, makes a change from Thomas, I struggled for ideas so eventually I had to buy a digi kit, it was plain sailing after that, I did try to make it 3D on the front, not as well as I hoped as it had to be able to fold flat for the post, anyway its finally on its way thankfully, cost 9 Euros to send to San Francisco mind you, unfortunately Grandad was with me at the time and said, ¨how much¨,?
Hope you´ve all had a good day, hope to see you next week and thanks for popping over.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Hi everyone,, Happy WOYWW, Wednesday again already, I´ve had one of those weeks when I´ve started too  many things and not really finished anything, you know how you have an idea, get everything out, nothing looks how you want it to so you get even more papers out to try, then emboss with different folders, still not happy, then decide to leave it and come back to it, well thats been my week so far, at least I managed to finished my challenge with Ali H as you can see but as for the rest,, saved with all the other bits Ive started of course.

The weather is much cooler here now, thank goodness, I hope all of you in the UK have a sunnier September, although looking at the photos our son sent last weekend it didn´t look like the month started off much better.
Not much else happening here to share with you so I´ll say bye for now so I can nip over and have a look at what everyone else is up to this week. Thanks for popping by.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

WOYW169 OOPs too

I can honestly say I just didnt get the time yesterday, I know that´s hard to believe from someone who does´nt have to work any more(sorry for using that word), but its true, I couldnt get near my computer due to a certain person hogging it, football posters etc, anyway by the time I regained control of the keyboard it was far too hot to concentrate so I gave up.
Not too much going on, seemed to have lost my mojo like a few others, still messing with my tattered pinecone but after watching Sir Tim on youtube I had a go at something trying to resemble a rose! how come he makes it look so easy, obviously he hasnt got as many thumbs getting in the way!!
 The silver keys are my attempt to make Santa keys for Joey and his two friends but then I remembered Joeys brother will have arrived by then so four to make, I do think I need thicker card though, any suggestions?
Happy belated Wednesday, have a good weekend.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Happy Wednesday everyone, not sure where the week has gone again, still hot and humid so not much going on here, I would just like to say thanks for all your lovely comments last week.on my mosaic.

Just some bits and pieces for the baby card Ive started on my desk, I had filed it away until the weather cools down but we had a seven month photo of our quickly expanding daughter in law yesterday so thought Id better get cracking on it.  You can hopefully just see the cute little onesies, a washing line, bootee and bib I´ve just cut out, amazing how much card you can get through doing these projects, I´ll have to make everyone blue cards for the rest of the year to use the off cuts!
Apart from that Ive been pretty lazy, the heat really saps your energy so if anyone has any cool weather to spare I´d be very grateful if you could send it over. Off to cool down so see you nexy week.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hi Everyone,  well we are all alone again after our sons departure last friday, we had a great time with them but I have to admit to not having done a thing since, craft wise, as its just been too hot, we even had a mini tornado on Saturday evening with winds so hot it felt like standing in front of the open oven..
  I could show you my iroing board with a stack of ironing still to be done, just waiting for a cloud in the sky to cool things down , well that´s my excuse and I´m sticking to it, litterally,

 I thought instead you might like to see a photo of a mosaic in our garden, the idea came from  ground Force years ago, you remember with Alan Titchmarsh?  when I started it everyone thought I was mad, and after a few months I realised that I was, totally mad, my youngest son even gave me lots of encouragement by asking if I knew what I was doing!! but ten months later it was complete, all 12 x 2 metres of it, to celebrate the occassion we invited some friends round for a paella and cava , I even made a small remind us, never to even think of doing another.
See you all next week hopefully, when I might have a working desk to show, until then have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WOYW 164

Hi Everyone, well not much exciting happening here, I was at a loose end yesterday and well in front with my card making so  decided to make a start on a card for our Grandson who is due early November, yes I know you´re probably all thinking its only July!!!  but I do like to have a play around with papers and bits before making up my mind to take the plunge and glue everything together, hence all the assorted papers and card hanging around.
I´m making a Name card as I did for Lynn´s card, might be quite a long one as he is to be called Charlie, good job they have a big fireplace for the card to sit on!!
Still hot here, cant see the beach for umbrellas, seems half of Madrid have arrived for their holidays.
May not be around next week as Birthday boy is over for ten days, this time next week I will rushing around cleaning ready for their arrival, cant wait.
Hope you are all seeing some sun over there in the UK, have a good week.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Speedy Fox & Friends 117

Hi everyone, This is my Christmas in July for this challenge. For the background I embossed with the Sizzix Hollies Texture plate and distressed the raised pattern with Tea Dye. The brown square I cut with the spellbinders Fleur de Lis, the squirrel is a marriane stamp that I paiunted with distress inks and covered with glossy accents, finished with a star button threaded with raffia and a tag.. Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Challenge Ali 1

Well Here it is, my Song was "oh I do like to be beside the seaside" yes I know its a very old one, but bought back childhood memories of my Grandad singing it in the car as we drove to the coast for our sunday outing.
My embossing is on the sea and sand, fiskars plate, waves, the  elements were  cut with my cricut, inked with distress inks and shells collected from our beach. I´m going to post it off to Joey, our Grandson,  to remind him of his time spent here with us a short time ago.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hi Everyone, cant believe another week has gone by, we´ve had a busy week but a kind of wasted week, having to wait in for people coming round to do jobs, then they turn up late, does wind me up,  oh well I have had time to do a couple of challenges so all is not lost, and finally I finished Stephens 40th card, its winging its way across  to him as we speak.
My desk is covered in a challenge that Ali H and myself have concocted!!   not sure where Im going with it yet as the card is smaller than I´m used to working with,
 I also been having fun trying my dies from last week, abandoned the tattered pine cone for the time being, not as easy as it looks,  it kept falling on my pokey tool, far too hot for fiddley things, love the lacy edge dies though but as usual got carried away and cut one that didnt match the card I was making so cut another colour, ended up with far too many laying around my desk, hence the plastic container, its full of things cut out from many projects that didnt work.
Hope you all have a great weekend, see you next week

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Speedy Fox & Friends Challenge 116

Hi everyone,  A sigh of relief as I finally finished my sons 40th Birthday Card, and what a brilliant stoke of luck that the Speedy Fox Challenge 116  was to make a Masculine card, its from La Pashe collection, just thought it was the ideal card for someone who loves to cook and the likes the odd red wine.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hi there, I´m a bit late today, our good friend came round to fix a leak in the pump box, fitted a new seal, and would you believe the housing had cracked, oh well it is 9 years old so... a little man will be around shortly,  Anyway my workdesk is bare of projects today,  the two cards I finished yesterday , one a card for a friend from football, he is 47 on friday, he never stops telling everyone how he is the youngest among us, we just love him keep reminding us,  every single week, and the other is for a colour challenge on Splitcoast stampers.

 Couldnt wait to get home yesterday as my package from Cuddly Buddly arrived,   Steve still  cant believe that you can spend so much and it arrives in a jiffy bag,  he still expects me to come staggering out of the post office with a giant box every time, cant believe I didnt even have time to open everything although I did try the lace dies, I´m slightly obsessed with Dies at the moment, and distress inks, so my wish list keeps growing, daily.
 The photo below is the book card I made for a friend, I made it and cut it all on my cricut and then used glossy accents, crackle paint, bling, glitter, ribbon, well everything really to embellish it, anyway she was over the moon when she saw it so it was worth all the work. There´s not room here to show all the pages .

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday 10th July

This is my Blue and Green card, I´m entering in the Speedy Fox and Friends Challenge 115, its the first time for me.
 Ive used the cute Wellington bear topper,  blue background and green bunting coloured with Peeled paint distress ink, the embossed machine stitching is distressed with Stormy Sky
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hi again, cant believe its Wednesday already, time flies when you are having fun!!
 Thanks for all your comments, must admit to having a few titters on all the comments on my tidy workspace, my secret i that I actually have three work areas, one with my bigshot on where all my die cutting and embossing goes on, a desk where I stamp and get messy with inks, glitter and glues and the one below where I assemble my cards, its at the back of the room away from the door and window as it gets pretty breezy up here as my little room is all alone on the roof of our villa.

Bit messy this morning as Ive been copying some papers for a challenge to make a card with a circus theme, Im in the middle of making a sixtieth card and anniversary card and the other crafty items are Wellington Bear papers and decoupage pack, a lovely stamp of a lighthouse from Michael Powell and some gorgeous papermania Beautiful papers and tags, they were a surprise gift from Ali H, thank you so much Ali if you are around this morning. Oh and Im still working on my sons 40th card and the wedding card from last week?
Thank you for stopping by, must dash and finish the 60th birthday card and anniversary card as I need to give it to our friend tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WOYW 160

Hi everyone, just want to thank you all for the warm welcome last week, not sure if my comments appeared anywhere, hope to do better this week if not!!

 Ive just unearthed  my sons 40th birthday card , I started it weeks ago, I must have had a fit of inspiration that day, story of my crafting really, start a project and then spot an amazing card or idea on a blog that someone has made so I just have to have a go, that accounts for all the bits hanging around the place.
Anyway not too sure I like the thought of being the mother of a forty year old, funny I can remember my mum saying the same thing to me when I moaned about being forty,  his birthday is July 27th, starting day of the Olympics so he has the joy of seeing the big clock ticking away the hours and minutes to his big day, really cheers him up! especially when he has to pass it every day, poor boy.
This is last weeks card, finished, one for my box of stash.
Hope you all have a good, and sunny week, weather here in Spain, scorchio!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What´s On Your Work Desk 159

Hi Everyone, this is the first time I´ve joined in and as you can see this is all new to me.
 This is me being tidy,  I cant usually see my desk when I´m crafting, so really pleased none of you can see the rest of my craft room at the moment.
 A friend gave me the website to ,  amazing ideas , so after spending a whole evening looking at everything on there I decided to abandon my Christmas cards for a while and  have a go at a folding card, this is mark two as the first one didnt go as planned!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Well I think Ive finally made it and so here goes for my first post ..... I just thought I would share with you a card Ive made for the Splitcoasters All Occassions Masculine Challenge. I inked my Cuttlebug folder, Wheels and cogs with Stormy Sky distress Ink and  ran it through my Big Shot. The Oval greeting was made using the smallest spellbinders beaded oval Die along with the silver peel off.
The topper was cut from a recyled card that Ive had stashed away for about three years!! I just knew it would be useful one day.