Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Happy WOYWW, I hope the weather is being kind to all of you fellow deskers, the temperature in the car was showing 36c as we drove back from the beach this morning at 10am!!
I must admit it was quite an effort walking back and only the thought of cool orange juice and breakfast kept us going this morning I can tell you.

 This was my desk a few days ago, trying out ideas for my Christmas Fireplace, its still not finished but its a little bit nearer as you can just see in the photo below, I had to give up on the flat pack idea as it was far too complicated measuring everything.
I've made the little Christmas Stockings, they are hiding inside the fireplace, the breeze from the window keeps blowing them on the floor! I'm trying to find a way to use the dog somewhere too.  

You'll notice how tidy my work top is now, well the part you can actually see, I had to clear a space as Steve has just finished writing book number four,  the exciting adventures of Joey, Charlie and the two headed Dragon,  Joey insisted it had two heads!!  we  spent yesterday afternoon laying all the pages out in order so its now its  on the dining table to ready to have the pages laminated. 

The cards are gift wallets, they open up with two pockets inside, one to hold a tag with a sentiment on and the other to put Christmas money in, much easier and cheaper than buying presents for sons and DIL's seeing as we all live in different countries!

Well must be off to visit some desks so until next week, enjoy the sun if you have some,  and have a great weekend

Jan x

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Another Wednesday, another Doctors appointment, only more medication this time thank goodness but another late start for our walk which meant the temperature had already reached 29c at 9.30am but undeterred we walked trying to keep under the shade of the palm trees as much as possible, quite hard to do now its August and so busy, a much needed coffee at La Gloria, yesterday our coffees were on our table as we arrived again, sometimes we are even given little treats, melt in the mouth small pieces of cake to try with our coffee, sometimes I even have to eat Steve's too, only if he insists it will spoil his breakfast!

Still not much going on up here, I've only been spending about an hour a day, its been far too hot to do anything with the humidity but I have started a Christmas gift wallet, I saw one in my Making Cards Mag and as we always give the family money with postage charges being so expensive I thought I'd give this one a go.
As you can see so far I've printed the Christmas paper, cut out and folded the wallet and that's it up to now, just trying out flowers versus snowflakes for the front at the moment. The board at the back was meant for me to write reminders on but I decided that postcards from the family are far more cheerful so I still have pieces of paper floating around my desk.

The tiny suitcase is a sample one I made, I saw a blog by Bonnie, Live, love and Peace where she made so many of these cute suitcases for all occasions, they were gorgeous, mine, well, still work in progress , the pile of bits are leftovers from my first attempt, as usual I went rushing ahead without reading all the instructions first. oh the iron, well eventually even in this heat I had to knuckle down to it but its the job I hate the most!
Hopefully you will all have much more interesting desks to visit this Wednesday so I will say goodbye and see you over there. Have a great Weekend
Jan x

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


How quickly Wednesdays roll around, I'm afraid there's not much happening on my desk due to the humidity up here so I thought I would show you our seafront.

 I took this photo last Thursday night, 7.45pm, it was still glorious and still people were arriving at the beach, being British we were already showered and having a cool drink while making our minds up where to eat, something we've never come to terms with since living here is eating so late!
Anyway this is where we have our daily walk,  it's 1km each way so our first stop is at La Gloria for a coffee, I'm not saying we're regulars but the waiter walks out with our coffee before we've sat down if he spots us passing the Marina,!! it gives Steve a chance to have a breather before heading back to the other end for breakfast, usually tomatoes on toasted granary stick and fresh orange juice, we don't even have to order there either, as we arrive Miriam asks, normal? we say Si, we aren't really are creatures of habit!!!!

 I briefly mentioned last week about our Yucca having to be chopped down, it was starting to push the tiles up in the garden, this is the root! and the happy chaps that managed to get it out, it took them a couple of hours of hacking at the roots with one of those tools they dig roads up with!  one stood on the trunk rocking it backwards and forwards while hanging on to the top of the wall, in all this heat too, 32c.
 After Steve had paid them he sent them on their way with a cold beer and a jar of home made Marmalade each.
I think it looks so bare now but we are still debating what to put in its place.

My stash arrived last week but I totally forgot to post the photo, it was mainly texture paste and paints, I bought the Mixed media book ages ago but wouldn't you know I didn't have half the stuff I needed to try the techniques, I have had a little dabble but maybe when the weather cools and I get stuck in I'll be able to show you some samples!

I think I've rambled on for long enough so I'll wish you all a happy WOYWW, have a great weekend and I look forward to having a peep at your desks.

Jan x