Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Good morning fellow Deskers, and for once it is still morning, it's usually after lunch when I blog but yesterday the temperatures were so high, 10.45am and already 35C on the way home from our walk, so we have suspended our walks, it was up to 44.8C in our conservatory yesterday!! it's promising us lower temperatures after next week, apparently a cool 28-30C!! I hope so as our family are coming over on 27th from San Francisco and they would hate this extreme heat.

Anyway on to my desk, I took this photo Monday afternoon, good job as I didn't do anything yesterday apart from tidy for ten minutes before giving up.

Still playing with my Brushos, had another craftstamper mag download and part 2 master class, so the one that caught my eye was using cling film, I must say I enjoyed it and you can see the pieces, some in purple and some red and green. Steve did give me a funny look when he saw me taking the cling film upstairs, he didn't ask, probably didn't want me to go into great detail and ruin his watching of the Tour de France.
Anyway you crinkle the cling film and then lay it out, spray with water or as in the pieces here I used watered down Mica powders and then sprinkle the Brushos, lay the card on the top and then fold the cling film around the card, turn over and rub your hands over the cling film to spread the paint, making sure there's creases and leave to dry. 

A close up of said pieces, I did cut them in half as I had a germ of an idea to use the purple for the BG on a birthday card but heat stopped play. The piece on the right I made using photo paper, which is quite effective. The Mica powders give a shimmer to it all, a bit hard to see here.

Thanks for all the lovely comments from last week, pleased to know I'm not the only one being challenged by Brushos but if anyone has any other ways to use it I'd be very interested to hear about it.
Until next week, Happy WOYWW from a slightly melted Desker, off to have a swim.

Jan x

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Finally made it, we've had a stressful morning, Steve had to be at the surgery at 8am for a set of bloods ready for his Cardiologists appointment and an ECG afterwards, unfortunately the nurse saw a problem so we had to wait two hours before the doctor could see him, now I'm even more stressed, Steve being Steve says he feels fine and not to worry! 
So we've just had breakfast as he wasn't allowed even water before the blood test!!

My desk this week, I took this photo yesterday before I tidied up. This is me being carried away with stamps and embossing powders, have you ever stepped on embossing powder? Its not a good feeling, especially when its glittery, I did have lovely pink and lemon soles though as well as a piece of glittery BG card made using a brayer with embossing ink and embossing powders.

I downloaded the craftstamper mag on my ipad as I noticed they had a few articles on Brushos, you may remember I had been tempted into buying a set, they had some beautiful pieces and they really made it look simple, LOL, well many attempts later and I'm still wondering why I'm really not finding it so easy! They showed how to stamp and emboss the flowers then sprinkle a tiny amount of powder inside the flower head and spritz, so far so good, mine bled into the BG but I think the problem is that my nozzle is too big and its spraying too wide so later I'll try another mister, hopefully by next week I might be able to show you a finished card.

The other side of the room, Julia asked it I stood up to craft or where did I put my legs when sitting, well I do stand most of the time but you can see on the first photo the desk has a lip where I can pull up my stool, that also has a secondary role as a place for ironing waiting to be done so not much sitting gets done.
So the Flowers are out as I was looking for a colour match to make a Shabby chic card for a challenge, not my thing so that's as far as I've got with it. The Roses are Buttonholes from the Wedding I've just bought upstairs to put away, paint brushes etc are left there from my Brushos experience and a piece of blue curled up paper that is supposed to be crackled, I bought some crackle paste but much prefer the crackle glaze, maybe I'm just not doing it right but it never seems to crackle enough, if you know what I mean.

Before I go, this is our American Grand-dog Splodgey, he was 15 yesterday and posing with the birthday card I sent him,  unfortunately he couldn't go out partying due to his age and being quite poorly, he even takes more meds than his Grandad does but he still had a birthday cupcake to celebrate complete with candles blown out by Joey and Charlie.

Well I think its time to say goodbye and cool off with a swim, temperatures have been brutal this week, over 45c yesterday so I'll head over to Julia's place and hope to see some cooler places from around the world.

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last visit, they were much appreciated, I'm still trying to work out how to post thanks near the comments box, I'm sure I'll work it out eventually.

Jan x