Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Happy WOYWW from sunny Spain, at last, can't believe its Wednesday again, how time flies when you are having fun!! We've had our morning constitutional, breakfast on the Marina, I've been trying to get a photo of our little bird, he actually sat on my hand to take the croissant last week, unfortunately we couldn't take a photo quick enough to catch him. 

Still working on the Wedding card, I've done quite a bit more since last week but nothing glued down until I've got all the pieces finished. I still have almost four weeks so plenty of time I hope, I'm still messing with the roses so I might try a few of the larger ones but I did find something I bought long ago, can't even remember why, white ribbons and silk roses, with tiny pearl strings attached, I bought it from the little shop in the market, an old fashioned Haberdashery, what I'd give to spend an hour rummaging in there, it's a little treasure trove but sadly all kept in the store room out of sight.

Not sure I mentioned that the date of the wedding is also our 44th Wedding anniversary, well my dearest husband thought he would have a look what he could buy me for 44 years, he's still laughing now as its says groceries!  He kindly told me that he will give me our Consum check when it comes next month, it's usually about 2 euros, I'm still wondering what I'll spend it on.
 I will get my own back next year though as its purple Sapphire so I've told him to start saving.

 The other side of the room, what can I say, I've been trying to do a challenge to use glue and glitter through a stencil, after four attempts I've given up, I've used plenty of glitter but only the flower looks presentable and I really don't have a clue what to use it for!!

Not much else happening here so I'll just say bye until next time, hope you all have great plans for this Bank holiday weekend and have some sunny weather.

Thanks for all your lovely comments last week and for visiting my desk, its lovely to hear from you all.

Jan x

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Good Afternoon fellow Deskers, another week gone by, last week the rain was so heavy I couldn't get upstairs to my craft room without getting a soaking, fortunately the sun is out now, thank goodness, it started off cloudy and spitting with rain but by the time we had walked, shopped and had breakfast it had cheered up, we've had very strange weather this year, normally our first swim in the pool is St Georges Day, the way it's going it could July by the time the pool is warm enough.

My desk this week, well one of them, I'm trying to get ahead with a wedding card for DS1 and GF for next month, hence all the bits and pieces hanging around, I keep cutting, embossing, fiddling about with it and I'm still not happy so I'm just leaving it for a couple of days before having another look.  
You might spot on the shelf all the roses I've cut out ready to make, not something I'm very good at, especially the small ones, I've watched all the videos, they make it look so easy, I think its lack of patience as they are quite fiddly. The plastic container has some die cuts in, wedding items ready cut but they all seem too big for the card so I'm not sure they will get used after all.

I mentioned before I had been collecting all my glitters together and storing them in the box you can see on the shelf, there's also quite a few small packets behind the tubs with various colours in them, soooo

When I saw a challenge on SCS to use the negative part of the die with glitter behind it, I made this card, I ended up making four altogether as it was so easy, well it was after the first one , I used glitter that had big flakes which didn't work too well, it really needs fine glitter, the best part was that I managed to use up quite a bit of my stash which is always pleasing.
 Not much else happening here apart from practising making ATC's, I've never made one before so I'm playing around at the moment, I can't seem to get my head round working on something so small but I'm sure I'll get there eventually.

Hope you all have a great week, thanks for popping over and leaving a comment
Jan x

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Happy WOYWW, sounds like many of you are having or have had better weather than Spain, Easter was cloudy and windy but thankfully not the rain that had been threatened.
Today my washing is pegged down well as its very gusty,I keep nipping outside every time I hear a peg ping off, it's even worse on the Seafront. Typical , I put all the jeans and jumpers away before Easter and had to dig them out again as its too cold for summer clothes at the moment with the wind.

 I'm pleased to say I finished Our Son and DIL's Anniversary card,  I did eventually manage to follow the instructions and even though it is nothing like the one I started I'm quite pleased with it. The flowers are actually a Sizzix Stamp and Die set, only inked up once but never used.

I thought you might like to see my newly tidied drawer, I did mention I keep all plastic containers, even bringing them home from San Francisco, sad I know but cheaper than buying them, anyway they are all filled now with Bling, die cuts, silk flowers, etc, but also bits of card fronts started and never finished, I've decided to look through them before I start a new card to see if any fit the bill, otherwise they have to go. 

You'll see on my desk there's not much action, lots of things just laying around, paints, Gesso, inks and bits of card, I've been having a play and also cutting out some card to practice making ATC's, I've never made one before and I didn't realise how small they are, makes me admire the ones I've seen even more knowing that.

I've been covering some silk flowers with Gesso and distress paints, not sure where I'm going with them now though but I didn't like the colours anyway so no great loss if they end up in the bin.
You might just see a couple of Christmas images, I know, sorry but I always do the Christmas Card Challenge over on SCS and I'm running behind already.

Nothing more of interest over here so I must go and dust off my ironing board so have a great week.

Jan x

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I'm a little late joining today, I was engrossed with other things and just remember that it's Wednesday, doesn't take much to make me get sidetracked, then of course the internet went down, anyway I finally made it.
 Firstly thanks for all your comments last week, cheered me up no end to hear that I'm not the only one that doesn't get any sympathy from the males of the family, I'm pleased to report that my eye is healing nicely, its still bloodshot but at least I can go out without frightening everyone, it was quite embarrassing wearing sunglasses in the rain and supermarket!

My desk this morning, well my heat gun is still left out from yesterday, I kept putting it away, I did honestly! but every time I put it away I needed it again, in fact you can still see the embossing crystals on the mat, for some reason it blew off as I was using the heat gun, I think the stamped image had very fine lines so not much ink to cling to.
The plastic box, carried all the way from San Francisco would you believe, I thought it would be useful one day, I'm filling it with die cuts to use up the mountains of tiny offcuts that have filled a whole drawer, I know I should really throw some away but I thought I could use them by cutting dies and save them for a friend  when she comes over on holiday. 

I did have a little tidy up over the weekend, on the shelf I've put a brown tray, from a package of strange Spanish biscuits we won in a raffle, I decided it would keep my glitters from rolling around the draw, I was quite shocked at how many I had when I found them all. 
In the Mag there's a lovely card I've decided to try for son and DIL's anniversary, I did start a card that's still on my other desk, I think you may have seen it last week, lost the thread of the idea so I thought I would just give up on it and revisit it later, something might just give me an idea how to finish it.
Anyway I've been cutting the card base out, several times as yet again I jumped in without reading the instructions, finally did it and I'm just trying to find some papers to cover the pieces with.

Finally a sunny photo, our seafront at 10am this morning, a bit breezy but warm enough for just a teeshirt. With that Happy note I'll say bye for now and wish you all a Happy Easter

Jan x