Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hi Everyone, amazingly I have actually remembered it´s Wednesday in time to join in with you all,  Sad I know but the days, or should I say weeks just fly by when you are haiving fun. Not too much mess on my work desk as I have had a tidy up since finishing my christmas cards although as usual I keep remembering someone else I´ve forgotten, even though I have a list! DH says I make so many lists I need a list to keep track of them all,
You may see a card on my desk, I was blog hopping looking for inspiration and came across a card on Mary Mays the charmed life blog, anyway I used her idea and made a card for Blake, our grandsons friend who is four next month. The other bits and pieces are some I made earlier, and discarded, although they may eventually be used but for now they will squirrelled away in my box of half finished cards.
As you can see from the photo above I have finally finished my Magic Santa Keys, you may remember a while back I had cut out some silver keys  but found they were way too bendy, well I gave up on that idea and a friend found me two old fashioned keys, so here it is, I made the fob and encapsulated it, just in case its raining on christmas Eve,
 Ive tried ribbons of various widths but found some too thick to push through the hole, didnt think of that beforehand but never mind, so for the moment I´m sticking with this one, the box was a designer tie box that DS1 gave me some years ago and of course I kept it, for once something Ive kept has come in useful!! I just need to find another one for Blake and Katie´s Key now.
Well that´s all Ive been up to this week,  hope those of you  in the UK are safe from the floods.
 Happy Wednesday and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


 Happy Wednesday to you all, Ive finally made it, cant remember the last time I posted to be honest,  the past few weeks have been quite hectic. Stephen and Magdalena came over for five days, then I only had one day to pack as I was whisked away for a surprise trip for three days by my lovely husband, a birthday trip,  it was a big one so the less said about that the better.
Last Friday our second Grandson Charlie arrived at last, thank goodness for face time!  we are getting VERY excited about our trip to see them,  of course Joey is a very proud big brother and even has a tee shirt to prove it.
My work desk this week isn't too interesting but it shows a pile of printed Christmas boxes ready to be cut,  a card started  ages ago, I  thought of a brilliant idea but it didn't quite work as I thought it would, another card to go in THE box, the one that holds all discarded bits that I always think I will make use of at a later date! Funny how many I have like that. oh and the Santa keys are still there, Ive lost my SVG file for them so cant cut the cardboard ones to glue in the middle, plan B is to try to find a couple real keys instead.
 At least you can´t see the rest of the room, its a complete disaster zone, I´m in the middle of printing inserts for my Christmas cards, yes, they are nearly all finished, surprising how motivated I can be when I need to be, with our trip pending I need to have everything finished by the beginning of December so Ive had a big splurge this week, it has helped that yesterday and today has been rainy and cold, so no walks along the paseo to distract me.
Hope you all have a happy Wednesday and  thanks for popping over.