Wednesday, December 23, 2015


 Hola fellow deskers, welcome from a cloudy Spain, we have been promised sun again tomorrow, can't complain as its been cool first thing but wall to wall sunshine by lunchtime every day!

So how come this time of year always seems to sneak upon us? We know the date, it's the same every year but somehow we all think we have all the time in the world and then, bang, it's here, LOL, well over here it's pretty laid back, but then the Spanish have another one to come in January so they are saving themselves for that, photos at a later date...

Well my desk.....

Still messing with the crazy birds as I had all my cards finished and posted last week. 

So after reading what I thought was a great idea to use the backing from the glue dots to make your own bling, well see for yourself

Seeing as I have far too many stickles I tried a few, the gold glitter obviously was far too runny and came out in a big blob, after scrapping it into the holes I left it all to dry. Some look quite neat at this stage

Took an absolute age to dry, some didn't dry and those that did are quite mishaped, not the best idea I've tried so if anyone has done this, successfully do let me know the secret!

I think all that's left to do is to say, Have a great Christmas one and all and hope to see you next week, flaked out over your desks recovering from all that food no doubt, off to make sausage rolls and mince pies, programmed the cleaning for tomorrow, oh joy!!

Jan x

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Hello again fellow deskers, didn't think I would make it, after a hectic day yesterday, early drive to Alicante to drop DS1 off, back home for doctors visit, we decided to have a leisurely morning starting with tea in bed, just started the washing machine going when I realised the water was going off so had to turn it off and decided to go for our walk, just arrived at the seafront and bumped into some friends who are over for two months so we all ordered coffee, next thing its 11.30 and we hadn't even had breakfast, honestly its all go when you are retired!!

So, one of my desks, I ordered a Clarity stamp folder and inserts while I was away but unfortunately it didn't arrive in time for me to bring home with me, good job really as I didn't realise it would be so heavy, I would have been really over weight with my luggage!
So yesterday afternoon I started transferring my stamps into the folder, not sure how it should be done but I've attached the stamp picture on the front of the insert and the stamps on the back, is that how it should be done???
I have more stamps than I thought so its a good job I ordered extra inserts, I seem to have loads of Christmas stamps! and as I have mentioned before stamping isn't really my thing, I am trying to enjoy it but I much prefer to do decoupage.

A view inside one drawer, I've tidied my dies so I could fit the new ones in, these are just the nesting ones, others are in a CD pocket on a piece of magnetic sheet, for now, I'm still looking for a system to save on room as I'm gradually running out of storage space, it doesn't help getting interested in mixed media as now I have paints, stencils,  etc, etc, I did buy a Clarity small stencil holder to save them being damaged floating around the drawer but need to sort out how to store all my paints and ink blending tools now, maybe when I do I will dare to show that drawer!

sorry I didn't manage to visit many desks last week, will try harder this week even if isn't until tomorrow, have to make a Lamb pie for tea now so see you later, thanks to those who left comments last week, it's good to be back.

Jan x

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Hello from a cloudy Spain, its been so long since I joined it took me a while to get into my blog. 
We've just come back from a two month visit to our sons in San Francisco, still getting our heads straight after being away so long, must admit we've had a great time with our family, especially our Grandsons who've both had birthdays while we were over. 

Its lovely to join in their every day lives, school run, going to swimming and piano lessons, a couple of visits to the cinema, had a amazing Halloween, seeing as I was the birthday girl that night I had to be a witch, Charlie 3 was a cute Batman and Joey was a shark, even walked through a full sized pirate ship in one garden, after two hours the boys had far too much candy so we made our way home.

I was volunteered by DIL to help at the art class one morning, we helped Joeys class make owl pictures with pasta and wool, this was Joeys finished piece, some of the girls were such perfectionists, I see a few future crafters amongst them

Of course I managed to spend quite a bit!! Some might say more than a bit but I had great fun perusing the web sites, must admit I bought more online, far more discounts I found this time, anyway you can all see for yourselves.

Very excited about the Crazy birds, I managed to get the stamps and dies and the accessories, I've seen loads of great cards using them so just hope I can do the same with them.
The jury is still out on the piercing dies and the Spellbinders enhancing Circles, not sure if that's the right name, anyway had a quick play with them, I didn't realise some of the set are just embossing shapes not cutting ones, takes a while to figure them out, or maybe my heads still spinning after all that travelling! 
Of course it took me two afternoons to put it all away, I had my sets of dies in a drawer laid out on magnetic sheets, having collected a few more I couldn't get them all in one drawer, after a whole afternoon I re-arranged them all, some are now on magnetic sheets in CD sleeves, for the moment!

I have a stamp folder and sheets from Clarity on its way with eldest son, he rang last night and asked if he could pop over Friday for five days, of course we were very pleased as we only had a one night stop over with him on our journey home, DIL isn't able to fly as they are expecting a baby next May,  we are to be Grand parents again which is such exciting news.

Before I say bye and seeing as it's that time of year, a photo of the Christmas card I made for our Grandsons, it's a shelf sitting Snowman, instructions can be found on the Splitcoast Stampers Tutorials.

Have a great weekend, I will try to visit as many desks as possible but now I have some cleaning to do before Friday

Jan x

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Good morning fellow Deskers, and for once it is still morning, it's usually after lunch when I blog but yesterday the temperatures were so high, 10.45am and already 35C on the way home from our walk, so we have suspended our walks, it was up to 44.8C in our conservatory yesterday!! it's promising us lower temperatures after next week, apparently a cool 28-30C!! I hope so as our family are coming over on 27th from San Francisco and they would hate this extreme heat.

Anyway on to my desk, I took this photo Monday afternoon, good job as I didn't do anything yesterday apart from tidy for ten minutes before giving up.

Still playing with my Brushos, had another craftstamper mag download and part 2 master class, so the one that caught my eye was using cling film, I must say I enjoyed it and you can see the pieces, some in purple and some red and green. Steve did give me a funny look when he saw me taking the cling film upstairs, he didn't ask, probably didn't want me to go into great detail and ruin his watching of the Tour de France.
Anyway you crinkle the cling film and then lay it out, spray with water or as in the pieces here I used watered down Mica powders and then sprinkle the Brushos, lay the card on the top and then fold the cling film around the card, turn over and rub your hands over the cling film to spread the paint, making sure there's creases and leave to dry. 

A close up of said pieces, I did cut them in half as I had a germ of an idea to use the purple for the BG on a birthday card but heat stopped play. The piece on the right I made using photo paper, which is quite effective. The Mica powders give a shimmer to it all, a bit hard to see here.

Thanks for all the lovely comments from last week, pleased to know I'm not the only one being challenged by Brushos but if anyone has any other ways to use it I'd be very interested to hear about it.
Until next week, Happy WOYWW from a slightly melted Desker, off to have a swim.

Jan x

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Finally made it, we've had a stressful morning, Steve had to be at the surgery at 8am for a set of bloods ready for his Cardiologists appointment and an ECG afterwards, unfortunately the nurse saw a problem so we had to wait two hours before the doctor could see him, now I'm even more stressed, Steve being Steve says he feels fine and not to worry! 
So we've just had breakfast as he wasn't allowed even water before the blood test!!

My desk this week, I took this photo yesterday before I tidied up. This is me being carried away with stamps and embossing powders, have you ever stepped on embossing powder? Its not a good feeling, especially when its glittery, I did have lovely pink and lemon soles though as well as a piece of glittery BG card made using a brayer with embossing ink and embossing powders.

I downloaded the craftstamper mag on my ipad as I noticed they had a few articles on Brushos, you may remember I had been tempted into buying a set, they had some beautiful pieces and they really made it look simple, LOL, well many attempts later and I'm still wondering why I'm really not finding it so easy! They showed how to stamp and emboss the flowers then sprinkle a tiny amount of powder inside the flower head and spritz, so far so good, mine bled into the BG but I think the problem is that my nozzle is too big and its spraying too wide so later I'll try another mister, hopefully by next week I might be able to show you a finished card.

The other side of the room, Julia asked it I stood up to craft or where did I put my legs when sitting, well I do stand most of the time but you can see on the first photo the desk has a lip where I can pull up my stool, that also has a secondary role as a place for ironing waiting to be done so not much sitting gets done.
So the Flowers are out as I was looking for a colour match to make a Shabby chic card for a challenge, not my thing so that's as far as I've got with it. The Roses are Buttonholes from the Wedding I've just bought upstairs to put away, paint brushes etc are left there from my Brushos experience and a piece of blue curled up paper that is supposed to be crackled, I bought some crackle paste but much prefer the crackle glaze, maybe I'm just not doing it right but it never seems to crackle enough, if you know what I mean.

Before I go, this is our American Grand-dog Splodgey, he was 15 yesterday and posing with the birthday card I sent him,  unfortunately he couldn't go out partying due to his age and being quite poorly, he even takes more meds than his Grandad does but he still had a birthday cupcake to celebrate complete with candles blown out by Joey and Charlie.

Well I think its time to say goodbye and cool off with a swim, temperatures have been brutal this week, over 45c yesterday so I'll head over to Julia's place and hope to see some cooler places from around the world.

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last visit, they were much appreciated, I'm still trying to work out how to post thanks near the comments box, I'm sure I'll work it out eventually.

Jan x

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


My desk this week, well one part of it, doesn't look as if much is going on but I have finished three projects. I really should take the photo before cleaning up, at one point  I had so much paper out I couldn't find my paper trimmer.

I had a little play with my Brusho paints, after getting ideas from you tube I stabbed a hole in the top of the pots, which makes sense after I took the lid off and ended up using far too much paint, you might just see on the top piece of card. I decided to use one of my new stamps, PaperArtsy Mini flower, to stamp on top of the blue, cut them out and make flowers with them, I actually only finished the one, I think you can just see it, but I quite like it.

This is for our eldest son, his birthday isn't until next month but I wanted to get it finished while I had the idea in my head. Its actually a similar colour to his wedding suit, not sure the shirt collar is the right size for the jacket but after making a few that was the best of the bunch, I even had to make an envelope, as usual I just started the card without any thought of not having an envelope big enough! 

I even managed to finish Katie's card, our Grandsons friend, the balloons I've had for years but they did match the Birthday paper quite well I thought.

And just to show I haven't been slacking this week, my Scraplift page. This was our day out with Joey in San Francisco last year, to take him on the Muni, Tram and Cable car. 
I've started using my Smash book as a Journal of our holidays and special events.

Well that's me for this week, hope you have a great weekend, thanks to all who popped over last week and left lovely comments.

Jan x

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Wednesday again, already, can't believe another week has gone by but then don't we say that every week? 
Anyway Happy WOYWW from a baking hot Spain, too hot to do anything really although we have been for our morning walk along the paseo and had our breakfast on the Marina, I know we've become creatures of habit but it makes a lovely start to the day before too many people are around.

My craft order was waiting for me when we arrived home from Poland, two new PapersArtsy stamp sets, a few more paints and two stencils. my next order is already on its way, I noticed that a few things on my (extensive) wish list had come back into stock, I've also ordered a starter set of Brushos too, I keep seeing them mentioned so I thought why not!! I really shouldn't do that when I already have a bunch of new stuff to try, I did see that the new Stamper Mag has an article on using them so I'm going to download it, it just might give me some ideas.

So my desk, nothing much going on, we've been feeling quite tired since our trip, a combination of travelling and coming home to the heat I think, So the birthday card is still sitting there waiting for some inspiration, in the BG you can see my mixed media journal, I did have a little play on Monday with my new stamps and paints on the left hand page, nothing exciting there worth a close-up though I'm afraid.

 The two plastic boxes both have christmassy bits in them, sorry I know it's a bit early in the year for some of you but I had a sort out of my Christmas drawer and decided to collect the die cuts and card pieces and put them together in the hope that this year I will find a use for them!! If not they will have to go as I'm running out of drawer space.

Just a quick last photo, this is me and my boys, the bridegroom on my right, doesn't he look a happy boy, he was so relieved that their solo dance had gone so well, for someone who is a heavy metal fan dancing to "Come away with me" it was quite amazing to watch.
Youngest was still recovering from Jet lag and as you can see he hates having his photo taken!

So off to have a hop around the world of desks, hope you've all been more productive than I have this week, have a great weekend.
Jan x

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Looks like you all had a great time last week with the ATC swop, I was quite pleased with myself as I managed to do a scheduled post which Julia linked up for me, I hope the ATC arrived Julia!
Whilst all the desk hopping was going on we were en route to Bydgoszcz in Poland for our eldest sons wedding. Everything went to plan, we all managed to meet at the hotel as planned before flying out the following day.

 My room looks the same as last week, almost, with the addition of a pile of ironing which I'm sure you really don't want to see so here's a few piccies instead.

Bydgoszcz is a very pretty town with lovely riverside walks and plenty of restaurants and coffee shops selling an amazing assortment of cakes, I did have to partake, just once, honestly, a blueberry cheesecake which was absolutely delicious.

The bride and groom arriving at the wedding reception, a novel way to arrive, sipping champers while the guests wait on the balcony. Magdalena was quite concerned about it beforehand as we all joked it would be a rowing boat, Steve actually thought the whole wedding party would be joining them!

Bring on the Wedding cake, Polish style, we were amazed it didn't melt with the heat.
We had already had the main course, Chicken, rolled beef, pork knuckle and all the trimmings, after an hour or so of dancing the waiter wheeled out a roast pig lit up with fireworks! I was so amazed I totally forgot to take a photo.
We left just after 1am so missed the soup that was served at 2am!! Apparently some guests were still partying at 4am. 
We had a lovely four days, the last day spent at the summer house near the lake with the family, sadly we all had to say goodbye, we all flew back to Stansted together, bride and groom home to London, youngest son to San Francisco and we stayed in the hotel another night as we had a 6am flight back to Alicante.
Just off for a swim so until next week, Happy WOYWW
Jan x

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hi all, Happy WOYWW, hope all goes well with the grand ATC swop.

My very, very tidy craft room, no work going on here, but greetings from Poland, by the time you are reading this we will all be meeting up and getting ready for the wedding on Friday so hopefully I'll have a few photos to show next week.

The front of the card I made, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out in the end and I even managed a few flowers too.

Also the inside, I put the sentiment on the back as there wasn't enough room on the inside panels, hopefully it will have survived the journey!!.
Have a great weekend.
Jan x

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Well here we are again, another week gone by, I'm pleased to say my wedding card is finished and in its box, pictures next week.
Thanks to all who stopped by for a visit last week and thanks for your kind comments, if you thought my desk was tidy last week, well it's even tidier this week.

Actually I took this after I had tidied up, I had sheets of card all over, I managed to ruin four sheets of the pink card, the card was so thick I had to stick it to the cricut mat, it kept sliding off the mat while it was cutting, very annoying and a  shame as it was pearl shimmer but then again it has been hiding in the drawer for the past few years.
 The card is for Joey`s friends sister, Katie, it's not finished just laid out while I ponder how to attach the back and front, the white being the back, I haven't trimmed it to size yet until I decide what to do. I now have a pile of five's, all various sizes that didn't match up!
Oh and the envelope is my ATC all ready to post. 

All tidy on this side too, I have two scrap pages going on for the Scraplift Challenge over at SCS, one is my smash book on the left, that page is our day out with Joey last year in San Francisco. The other page is Joey's birthday from last year but I realised I had some photos missing so I need to ask our DIL to re send them but she's not feeling too well at the moment so it will have to wait.
I guess that's it for this week, so I'll just mosey or should that be nosy over to check out what you've all been up to, have a great week.
Jan x

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Hi fellow Deskers, a lovely morning here in sunny Spain, we've had our morning constitutional, breakfast at the Marina, shopped and tried unsuccessfully to take Steve's suit to the dry cleaners, apparently they don't do clothes!!! Well that's a first, I wonder what they actually dry clean, anyway here's my desk for what it's worth.

It's not very exciting or colourful I'm afraid, I had a tidy up to make myself a space to make the box for the wedding card, you can see one lid with flowers and bits in it, that was my first attempt which was too big, I did say it usually takes me a few goes, anyway I managed to make one in the end and have attached silver ribbon around the edge and now I'm playing around with flowers etc trying to work out how to decorate it.
I haven't really worked on much else apart from card inners, I have three in the next couple of weeks so I have them all ready to post when we get home from the wedding, how organised it that!!

The other side of the room, I'm making another start on the scrap book I bought when Joey was born, he's seven this year, I had the idea to use it for birthdays but after doing two pages I lost enthusiasm for it, I've now joined the scrap challenge over on SCS and with encouragement from Sharon, Foxy Stamping so I've started another page, Joey's sixth birthday from last year, I will just have to work backwards and of course now there's Charlie too, he's three this year so I've a few to catch up on!! I'm hoping to do as much as possible so I can show them when they come over in July.

I have been working on my ATC but that's hidden under the blue card, I just have to make the back now and I think I'm done.

Thanks once again for all your comments last week, just off to see what everyone else has been up to. Take Care
Jan x

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Well here we are again, how fast the weeks fly especially now we are on countdown to our sons wedding, poor things have been having building work done as well, which didn't go to plan, major stress all round but thankfully it is nearly sorted now.

My desk this week hasn't changed much from last week apart from it's a bit tidier and the wedding card is nearly finished, I just have the sentiment and finishing touches to do, oh and a box to put it in, oh joy, not my favourite things to make, usually takes me a few attempts before the card actually fits in the box!
I made quite a few flowers from different card, handmade paper etc and used the best of the bunch, added a pearl in the middle, cut silver leaves out and decided to go for it and glue it all together, always scary when you've spent weeks on it, just in case it gets spoiled at the last part, been there done that, LOL

Not sure why this photo is side ways on, I don't have a clue how to turn it on here, in my photo album it's the right way up. Last week I explained that a gift for a 44th Anniversary is groceries and my dearest husband said I could have the grocery cheque, well it arrived all 2.48 Euros of it, I've already spent it, on liquorice, how romantic is that!!

You'll be pleased to hear that our Anniversary is actually on the day of the wedding so it will be a big celebration especially as the wedding is in Poland so we will be having a mini holiday as well, we are all meeting up at a hotel in Stansted of all places!
 We fly in from Spain, eldest Son lives in London, he's collecting youngest Son from Heathrow who is flying in from San Francisco, as you can see nothing's simple in our family!

That's me for this week, have a great weekend.

Jan x

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Happy WOYWW from sunny Spain, at last, can't believe its Wednesday again, how time flies when you are having fun!! We've had our morning constitutional, breakfast on the Marina, I've been trying to get a photo of our little bird, he actually sat on my hand to take the croissant last week, unfortunately we couldn't take a photo quick enough to catch him. 

Still working on the Wedding card, I've done quite a bit more since last week but nothing glued down until I've got all the pieces finished. I still have almost four weeks so plenty of time I hope, I'm still messing with the roses so I might try a few of the larger ones but I did find something I bought long ago, can't even remember why, white ribbons and silk roses, with tiny pearl strings attached, I bought it from the little shop in the market, an old fashioned Haberdashery, what I'd give to spend an hour rummaging in there, it's a little treasure trove but sadly all kept in the store room out of sight.

Not sure I mentioned that the date of the wedding is also our 44th Wedding anniversary, well my dearest husband thought he would have a look what he could buy me for 44 years, he's still laughing now as its says groceries!  He kindly told me that he will give me our Consum check when it comes next month, it's usually about 2 euros, I'm still wondering what I'll spend it on.
 I will get my own back next year though as its purple Sapphire so I've told him to start saving.

 The other side of the room, what can I say, I've been trying to do a challenge to use glue and glitter through a stencil, after four attempts I've given up, I've used plenty of glitter but only the flower looks presentable and I really don't have a clue what to use it for!!

Not much else happening here so I'll just say bye until next time, hope you all have great plans for this Bank holiday weekend and have some sunny weather.

Thanks for all your lovely comments last week and for visiting my desk, its lovely to hear from you all.

Jan x

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Good Afternoon fellow Deskers, another week gone by, last week the rain was so heavy I couldn't get upstairs to my craft room without getting a soaking, fortunately the sun is out now, thank goodness, it started off cloudy and spitting with rain but by the time we had walked, shopped and had breakfast it had cheered up, we've had very strange weather this year, normally our first swim in the pool is St Georges Day, the way it's going it could July by the time the pool is warm enough.

My desk this week, well one of them, I'm trying to get ahead with a wedding card for DS1 and GF for next month, hence all the bits and pieces hanging around, I keep cutting, embossing, fiddling about with it and I'm still not happy so I'm just leaving it for a couple of days before having another look.  
You might spot on the shelf all the roses I've cut out ready to make, not something I'm very good at, especially the small ones, I've watched all the videos, they make it look so easy, I think its lack of patience as they are quite fiddly. The plastic container has some die cuts in, wedding items ready cut but they all seem too big for the card so I'm not sure they will get used after all.

I mentioned before I had been collecting all my glitters together and storing them in the box you can see on the shelf, there's also quite a few small packets behind the tubs with various colours in them, soooo

When I saw a challenge on SCS to use the negative part of the die with glitter behind it, I made this card, I ended up making four altogether as it was so easy, well it was after the first one , I used glitter that had big flakes which didn't work too well, it really needs fine glitter, the best part was that I managed to use up quite a bit of my stash which is always pleasing.
 Not much else happening here apart from practising making ATC's, I've never made one before so I'm playing around at the moment, I can't seem to get my head round working on something so small but I'm sure I'll get there eventually.

Hope you all have a great week, thanks for popping over and leaving a comment
Jan x

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Happy WOYWW, sounds like many of you are having or have had better weather than Spain, Easter was cloudy and windy but thankfully not the rain that had been threatened.
Today my washing is pegged down well as its very gusty,I keep nipping outside every time I hear a peg ping off, it's even worse on the Seafront. Typical , I put all the jeans and jumpers away before Easter and had to dig them out again as its too cold for summer clothes at the moment with the wind.

 I'm pleased to say I finished Our Son and DIL's Anniversary card,  I did eventually manage to follow the instructions and even though it is nothing like the one I started I'm quite pleased with it. The flowers are actually a Sizzix Stamp and Die set, only inked up once but never used.

I thought you might like to see my newly tidied drawer, I did mention I keep all plastic containers, even bringing them home from San Francisco, sad I know but cheaper than buying them, anyway they are all filled now with Bling, die cuts, silk flowers, etc, but also bits of card fronts started and never finished, I've decided to look through them before I start a new card to see if any fit the bill, otherwise they have to go. 

You'll see on my desk there's not much action, lots of things just laying around, paints, Gesso, inks and bits of card, I've been having a play and also cutting out some card to practice making ATC's, I've never made one before and I didn't realise how small they are, makes me admire the ones I've seen even more knowing that.

I've been covering some silk flowers with Gesso and distress paints, not sure where I'm going with them now though but I didn't like the colours anyway so no great loss if they end up in the bin.
You might just see a couple of Christmas images, I know, sorry but I always do the Christmas Card Challenge over on SCS and I'm running behind already.

Nothing more of interest over here so I must go and dust off my ironing board so have a great week.

Jan x

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I'm a little late joining today, I was engrossed with other things and just remember that it's Wednesday, doesn't take much to make me get sidetracked, then of course the internet went down, anyway I finally made it.
 Firstly thanks for all your comments last week, cheered me up no end to hear that I'm not the only one that doesn't get any sympathy from the males of the family, I'm pleased to report that my eye is healing nicely, its still bloodshot but at least I can go out without frightening everyone, it was quite embarrassing wearing sunglasses in the rain and supermarket!

My desk this morning, well my heat gun is still left out from yesterday, I kept putting it away, I did honestly! but every time I put it away I needed it again, in fact you can still see the embossing crystals on the mat, for some reason it blew off as I was using the heat gun, I think the stamped image had very fine lines so not much ink to cling to.
The plastic box, carried all the way from San Francisco would you believe, I thought it would be useful one day, I'm filling it with die cuts to use up the mountains of tiny offcuts that have filled a whole drawer, I know I should really throw some away but I thought I could use them by cutting dies and save them for a friend  when she comes over on holiday. 

I did have a little tidy up over the weekend, on the shelf I've put a brown tray, from a package of strange Spanish biscuits we won in a raffle, I decided it would keep my glitters from rolling around the draw, I was quite shocked at how many I had when I found them all. 
In the Mag there's a lovely card I've decided to try for son and DIL's anniversary, I did start a card that's still on my other desk, I think you may have seen it last week, lost the thread of the idea so I thought I would just give up on it and revisit it later, something might just give me an idea how to finish it.
Anyway I've been cutting the card base out, several times as yet again I jumped in without reading the instructions, finally did it and I'm just trying to find some papers to cover the pieces with.

Finally a sunny photo, our seafront at 10am this morning, a bit breezy but warm enough for just a teeshirt. With that Happy note I'll say bye for now and wish you all a Happy Easter

Jan x

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Hi All, sorry I missed the weekly desk hop last week, the weather was rainy so we decided to take a trip to Ikea, by the time we arrived home I decided it was just too cold up here and as I've yet to master blogging on my Ipad I had to give it a miss.

I'm pleased you can only see my desk this week, I've burst a blood vessel in my eye so you can hardly see my pupil, and of course being the supportive husband that he is Steve has done his best to cheer me up with his usual crabby jokes, first one, when did I join the Black-eyed Peas, second one, is my favourite programme Bullseye,(sorry that might be before every ones else's time) even Miriam the doctor asked if Steve had punched me!
 oh and he even took a photo to send to our sons, our youngest asked if I was late taking his Dad tea in bed. Lots of sympathy as you can see.

First a cheery picture from last week when we had a short break in the clouds, Steve trying to coax our little friend to take the bread from his hand, he really wanted to be brave but in the end chirped and flew to the floor, he had his breakfast treat and even hung around for seconds.
Still messing around in my journal, I decided to have a play and thought after seeing the boats in the marina blowing about I would use that as my idea.  I started off trying to make the bottom half look like sand and rocks with screwed up tissue paper, after one step too far decided to make it crashing waves, so plenty of layers again, glass beads, crackle paste, you name it,I used it, I wont be winning a prize in any art competitions with it but it cheered me up, I get a little stir crazy after a few days of dull weather, we're not used to being cooped up. 
The pile to the right are bits of card, some embossed, some stamped, mostly the grain of an idea that fizzled out so I've left them there hoping to use them later.

Sorry this one is a bit dark, I took it yesterday afternoon, as I said the weather hasn't been  too good so no sun to brighten the place up.
 My pieces for the accordion card are thrown in an orderly heap!! I started doing the journal page and had so many paints out before I realised the card pieces were in danger of being ruined, I really need to get the card finished, I keep laying the pieces out but my mind seems to keep straying to other projects. 

Well that's all I have to show for this week, with the weather I haven't done much but hopefully you have all accomplished much more, I really enjoyed reading everyone 's comments last time, thanks so much for popping over for a visit.

Jan x

Monday, March 16, 2015

Bird on a Branch

This is the first page of my first ever journal so when I saw the Art Journal Journey Challenge to create "Things with wings" I decided to post my first effort.

I'm really enjoying Mixed Media although I'm useless at drawing so using stamps is ideal for me.
Sorry I can't show my page in stages, I had already finished it before I happened upon this challenge.
 I coloured the Background with Chalk Acrylic Paints, they are new to me and I really love them. I stencilled the birds and branches with embossing paste and coloured them with distress inks and chalk paint.
The flower stamps are Paperartsy, coloured again with Chalk paints, Its hard to see but I've used glossy accents on some of the flower heads and crackle accents on the large leaf. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Wednesday again, nearly forgot by the time we arrived home, we had breakfast on the seafront and as we were heading for home we bumped into a couple we met last year, we should have gone back for another coffee as we haven't seen them since last October so the quick hello turned into an hours catch-up, anyway my desk this week.

Still enjoying playing with my Paperartsy stamps and paints, strange for me as I always say I'm not a stamper but they've got me hooked, can't wait until I can order more colours.
I've been trying to make an accordion flip card, I spotted a beautiful card in the Stamper Mag and seeing as I have the Sizzix die, never used, I thought I would give it a try, as you can see three tries later I still haven't quite cracked it but I had another read through the article while drinking my tea in bed, as you do, and noticed that they did it with layers, typical of me, rushing ahead without reading it thoroughly!

 Finally finished the cover of my Travel Journal, I'd already embossed it with the street map stencil on the brown cover and decided I wasn't too keen so I painted it all over with Chalk paints and a lovely shimmer paint over parts of it but never knowing when to stop I decided to put another colour on which looked awful so I repainted it all, tried dabbing over the top with picket fence distress paint, I think it's dried up a bit as I couldn't get it to come out so I squeezed it and had it all over my mat!! By this time I decided enough was enough so I just dabbed the picket fence over a few places, embossed the word Special at the top, made a label with "Family" on and used Glossy accents over the top, whilst rummaging through the drawers looking for something else I found a metal tag so I typed "Memories" to put inside, after that I decided to leave well alone before I had to start again!
The other piece is a play with the largest stamp, I stamped in black and embossed with Cosmic ultra thick embossing crystals before painting, now I just have to decide how to use it!!

Many thanks for all your lovely comments about Jennie's card, it still hasn't arrived in over two weeks so fingers crossed it arrives by Friday!

 Looking forward to seeing what you've all been up to over at Julia's Stamping Ground.

 Have a great weekend.

Jan x

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Wow can't believe WOYWW has been going for so long, all thanks to Julia over at The Stamping Ground.

My desks this morning are showing quite a bit of activity, below are my new Paperartsy Chalk paints, they are brilliant, my parcel from the Craft Barn only took five days to arrive in Spain, a record I think, I couldn't wait to get home from shopping to rip open the box, unfortunately in my excitement to play I forgot to take a photo of all my new goodies

As you can see I've been having a great time playing with my new Paints and the Jofy flower stamps, you can see my first attempt isn't a masterpiece but I've really been enjoying myself, paint everywhere, all I can say is thank goodness for baby wipes.

I treated myself to an art journal, really just so I could play with my mixed media collection of gesso, texture pastes etc, ect, you know how it is, LOL I've had it a while, had a play, didn't make anything worthwhile so its been stuck in the drawer along with the Gelli plate I was so desperate to own!

At last Jennie's Birthday card is finished and winging its way to the states.
I must admit after spending two weeks in the making it was quite a relief to get it posted, funnily I was struggling with the last touches and then, ping, it all fell into place, anyway hopefully it will arrive on time for the big day.

The pink mesh on the front I've had for a zillion years so I was chuffed to find a use for it as long last, I made the little tag from shrink plastic, went a big curved but that was my last piece so couldn't try again. The inside photos can slide out to be changed of course the first frame I made was too small to slide the photo in!
I reprinted the flower paper and fussy cut extra flowers to make them stand out although it was quite thick when closed so cost a bomb to post, still she's worth it.

Hope you all have a good week, and that the weather is warming up where ever you are, the sun has just broke through the fog here, who would have thought fog in Spain.