Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Happy Belated New Year to you all, been missing for the last two weeks, totally forgot both weeks that it was Wednesday until late afternoon,  last Wednesday, January 6th, a big day over here of course, Epiphany
 January 5th, night of the three Kings arrival in a fishing boat, we took our friends Chris and Mary down to the port to watch the parade, of course as normal it started an hour late but it was worth the wait to see the children dressed up and the floats. The last float with the three kings on it throwing boiled sweets at the kids, its a wonder no one was knocked out, especially when the Kings (three young men) spotted three young girls, dressed to the nines, they couldn't resist throwing hands full at them!

The first picture is a mural in the fish market, its where the fishermen sell their fish to the restaurants etc.  The second was a boat that had just come in, great to see all the different fish waiting to be sold, the fisherman casually watching us all.

The children dressed as Snowmen and the older girls dressed as Christmas Trees

We also had a scrumptious meal afterwards, enormous portions so we were pretty stuffed afterwards, not even room for afters although the waiter did bring us all a free Baileys to finish our meal with our coffees, poor Chris had to suffer and drink Steve's as well as he doesn't drink!!

Well now it's all over and life has gone back to normal so I've been busy trying to get ahead with Birthday cards. Yesterday was  Steve's birthday, 65!! scary as I always thought it was only our parents that reached that age! 
Well not such a good birthday after having to be at the hospital at 8am Monday and yesterday for Cardiology tests, an hours drive away too so a very early start both days, it seems no major problems although he has his appointment in two weeks for the results, luckily at midday so not so early, thank goodness.

Of course I had to make a card with the Crazy birds!

I've stamped out quite a few and the accessories when I was full of enthusiasm, as you do, then spent quite a few afternoons playing around with them without actually making anything so I've put them away for now until I get inspired!

I did stamp on shrink plastic intending to use the birthday present on Steve's card, as you can see they shrink away and end up so tiny, that's why the balloons are still untouched.

Well that's me for this week, I have been following what you've all been up to but had a problem commenting from my ipad for some reason, I will make up for that this week.

Until next week, from a sunny, Spain, 20c yesterday, take care all.

Jan x


  1. Hi Jan
    Happy new year - and Happy birthday to Steve too !
    The Kings festival looks great fun !
    Love your crazy birds card ! Have seen these stamps about but good to see what you can make with them !
    Love to you both
    Ali xx

  2. Hi Jan, wow what a fun and interesting start to the new year, and a birthday too - great card. Enjoy your week RobynO#36

  3. Brilliant! I knew Epiphany was important on the continent but it's great to hear the stories and see the pics :-) that's a fun card, those birds are bonkers!
    Hugs, LLJ 16 xxx

  4. What a fun holiday! Send some of that sun/warm over this way please. I love those birds - crazy!

    Sharon K #50

  5. Another friend from Spain shared her town's Epiphany photos, too. Theirs focused on the wise men and the King. Loved seeing how your town treated their Epiphany parade and meal.

    That bird seems to be very popular. I'm sorry to say I don't stamp, so I'll leave that to you. I do enjoy the birds, though. Thanks for stopping by earlier. Happy WOYWW from #2.

  6. We've waited and waited for the Tres Reyes festival to start on several years too, it seems a part of the festivities! And when she was a young teen, we've experienced the sweet throwing attention of the Kings too, how funny! I love the birds, but don't yet own them; I still can't decide whether they are fiddly or worth it!!

  7. Happy New Year ! looks like a wonderful time . Thanks for your visit earlier . Have a great week Soojay xx

  8. I have enjoyed the 3 Kings parades and as usual if the Kings are young the candy count goes up. Hope everything goes well with your husband. I am not for sure I want the bird stamps but keep them in the back of my mind watching other people use them. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #61

  9. I love the description of the Epiphany celebrations, I've never seen anything like that! Love your Crazy Bird card